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DJ Turne - The Turnover episode 67

January 28, 2023 4:00 PM

Welcome back peeps, to another episode of The Turnover. The weekly DJ/Radio show, hosted by DJ Turne and powered by Sneakerjagers. Each week, DJ Turne or one of his many DJ friends plays a set for us. We also have a different genre every week so everyone will find something they like!

Throwback R'n'B special

After last week's episode, DJ Turne returns with another special before he gives the stage to a guest DJ next week. The guest's identity will remain secret until next week though. Let's focus on the present for now. This week's episode will be 'Throwback R'n'B' themed.

So if you're into the Rhythm and Blues aka R'n'B and especially the older ones then you definitely don't want to miss this episode. Just put on your headphones while going around doing chores and relax to the calming sounds of R'n'B!

Previous episodes

In case you just discovered us or have been with us for a while but missed a couple of episodes, you'll find previous episodes on our 'Watch'-page where you can also read a little about each episode. Or if you just want to listen without the reading material, you can navigate to the Sneakerjagers Mixcloud page!