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DJ Turne - The Turnover Episode 70

March 11, 2023 4:00 PM

Welcome back to a new episode of The Turnover, hosted by DJ Turne and powered by Sneakerjagers. DJ Turne or a special guest spins a set for us every week to start the weekend with. Guests such as DJ Deloin, DJ Solange, and Shaeef preceded and this week, DJ Turne spins the best tunes with hip-hop group De La Soul taking center stage.

De La Soul tribute

This week's episode focuses on the songs of the hip-hop group De La Soul. The hip-hop group, consisting of members Kelvin 'Posdnous' Mercer, Dave 'Trugoy the Dove' Jolicoeur, and Vincent 'Pasemaster Mase' Mason, came out with their debut album '3 Feet High and Rising' in 1989. The album was an immediate success and came with hits such as 'Me, Myself and I', 'The Magic Number', and 'Eye Know'.

Unlike the hip-hop groups that were widely played at the time, think N.W.A., Public Enemy, and Mobb Deep, De La Soul's songs were a bit more nuanced. The group tended more toward styles such as jazz, funk, and reggae, as opposed to the gangsta rap that was popular in those years. In 2023, the hip-hop group is again more relevant than ever, and De La Soul's first albums can be heard on various streaming services. This is just after the passing of member "Trugoy The Dove" on February 12, 2023.

As of March 3, 2023, albums such as '3 Feet High and Rising', 'De La Soul Is Dead', 'Buloone Mindstate', 'Stakes Is High', 'Mosaic Thump' and 'Bionix' are available for listening to on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. Also at The Turnover, you can now listen to De La Soul's songs with DJ Turne behind the panels.

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