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Review: SNKRS Day 2020 aka Paris Day 2020?!

August 12, 2020 3:04 PM
Review: SNKRS Day 2020 aka Paris Day 2020?!

Review of the SNKRS Day 2020: This year there we do not get only one 'L' in one day but several L's in a row! Who does not know the feeling! You've been waiting for days for SNKRS Day 2020 and at night you can't sleep anymore because you don't want to miss a release! And then there's a report about 'SNKRS Day 2020 - Tips & Tricks for the SNKRS App' and you hope to get at least a 'W'! But nope the 'W' never came… only 'L's… . Sad story - sad life!

This was probably the worst day for every sneaker fan and sneaker enthusiast. Likewise we, #TheCrew, did not get a kickz. We never got to see the 'Ben & Jerry's or Stussy x Spiridon Cage 2 or Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 Low' we hoped and dreamed of! The anger was big and you, dear community, can really be angry! The so-called 'Exclusive Access' spoiled everything! Everybody, even me, were desperately looking for the kickz in the app at the scheduled time, but without success - Nike handed out more 'Loses' than 'Wins' that day… .

The answer to your disappointment!

We've seen some disappointed comments, questions and sometimes a bit angrier post from you. You probably have questions over questions like the following ones:

  • Who got the kickz that had aka 'exclusive access' and who finally got the chance to cop a sneaker?
  • How do you get an 'exclusive access' for a certain sneaker?
  • How do SNKRS App users get notified when they have an 'EA' (Exclusive Access)?
  • Why is this SNKRS Day 2020 unofficially called 'Paris Day 2020?'
  • What is an SNKRS Pass?
  • What is a SNKRS Stash?
  • How are the two events different from each other?

As you can see, the list of questions is endless! We've only have picked the most relevant ones out. Why? We all need an answer to our questions, otherwise we will live on with our anger and will no longer look forward for another SNKRS Day like a child for its Christmas presents.

Let's Go!

Q1: Who got the kickz that had aka 'exclusive access' and who finally got the chance to cop a sneaker?
A1: On SNKRS Day 2020 the alleged Nike's Kickz were advertised with the term 'exclusive access'. The 'normal' exclusive access was actually available for every Nike member. As soon as you have registered at Nike, you should get an 'exclusive access'. But not on SNKRS Day 2020! The 'exclusive access' was randomly distributed to random SNKRS App users! But there was one condition! The person had to have already participated in a Raffle via the SNKRS Apps (so previous Raffles of the SNKRS Day 2020 Kickz)!

Q2: How do you get 'exclusive access' for a certain sneaker?
A2: You only got a higher chance to buy the kickz if you meet the condition above (A1). This means that not everyone who participated in the previous Raffles got a second chance to buy the Kickz.

Q&A contines!

Q3: How do SNKRS App users get notified when they have an 'EA' (Exclusive Access)?
A3: There was no notification from Nike on SNKRS Day 2020 that you have a right to buy the sneakers. The people who participated in the previous Raffles got a message in their SNKRS App mailbox stating '2nd chance…'. And that was the only way to get the shoe! Of course, Nike did not announce the rules for these Surprise Days before, so those who didn't have a message in their mailbox were left empty-handed. Both informative and with an 'L'.

Q4: Why is this SNKRS Day 2020 unofficially called 'Paris Day 2020?
A4: There was no SNKRS Stash this year due to Covid-19, but in Paris there was the SNKRS Pass Drop. The Parisian sneaker community was able to get the Off-White x Air Jordan 4 with the SNKRS Pass feature. Other kickz were the Jordan 1 Low Paris, Jordan 4 'Black Cat' etc.

Definition SNKRS Stash & Pass!

Q5: What is a SNKRS Pass?
A5: SNKRS Pass is an in app feature of the SNKRS app, where you get the right to buy the shoe when you are in the area! You have to go to the particular 'area' and there you get the SNKRS Pass. The condition is that you have to redeem this 'Pass' first! To do this you need to go to a Nike Store (usually predetermined) and there you can buy the Kickz!

Q6: What is a SNKRS Stash?
A6: SNKRS Stash is also an in app function of the SNKRS app, but the 'area' is much smaller. For example the Kendrick Lamar Nike Cortez. You only got them if you attended his concert. In the 'stadium' where the concert took place, you got the shoe with the SNKRS Stash function. With the 'Stash' function, you don't have to go to a Nike Store to get the sneaker, like with the SNKRS Pass. The sneakers were either available on site or you could have the Kickz delivered to your home.

Q7: How are the two events different?
SNKRS Pass: Is a larger area where you get the chance to get the right to buy the shoe, but you have to redeem the 'Pass' at a Nike store (First Come - First Serve)
SNKRS Stash: Smaller area, but you can buy the shoe right away. If sneakers are available, they will be picked up on the spot, otherwise you can have the kickz sent home comfortably.

Damn SNKRS Day 2020

Review SNKRS Day 2020 Conclusion: SNKRS Day 2020 was not THE event we might or have hoped for. The dream of getting rich in a single day, or to get a win or to get the 'Grail' didn't come true this time. But to be honest where would be the exclusivity of the sneakers, the Raffles etc. if it would all of a sudden be so easy . Yes, you can argue about whether it's fair to give Paris Prio for the second time. On the other hand, everyone can only decide for themselves to what extent they want to let a game, in which there are no rules, get to them personally. There were many 'L's, also for us, but friends:

And as you know, more nice sneakers are coming out (see Release Calendar)! So this is not the end! Don't let your joy and euphoria be spoiled because of this one day. Cheer up and get ready for the next Sneaker Releases, dear Sneakerjagers Community!