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Rens presents NOMAD, a sustainable performance sneaker made from coffee

August 8, 2021 9:00 AM
Rens presents NOMAD, a sustainable performance sneaker made from coffee

Sustainability in the sneaker scene is currently a very present and naturally important topic, dear community. Many of the big brands are taking the first steps and changing their production and designs. In addition, many young, sustainable brands are getting the spotlight they deserve.

The Finnish start-up Rens goes one step further and now presents its second sneaker that is climate neutral and made from sustainable materials such as coffee.

Read on to find out what the exciting design looks like in detail, what's behind the whole project and how you too can buy the new NOMAD coffee sneaker!


Rens started as a conversation between two sneakerheads about the environmental impacts of the global sneaker industry and the less-than-stylish sustainable options on the market.


The story of Rens and their first coffee sneaker

It all starts in 2019, when Jesse Khanh Tran and Son Chu found the sustainable fashion start-up Rens in Helsinki. The fashion company's goal is to unite sustainability and fashion and express them in a variety of styles.

They want to change and reshape the future of the fashion industry and especially its impact on our planet. To do this, they turn waste into modern technologies, use only GRS, FSC and RCS certified materials and also make sure that their packaging is made of 100% recyclable raw materials.

Rens wants to reduce the impact that sneaker production has on the planet and play an important role in this process. The dream: to become the world's leading sustainable athleisure brand.

Sneaker von Rens
Rens Sneaker

In 2019, the label also entered the market with its first Coffee sneaker. The project was crowdfunded, for example via Kickstarter, and received a lot of feedback and positive support, especially in Germany.

Rens' first sneaker actually consisted of 21 cups of coffee and 6 old plastic bottles.

Check out the video of the world's first sneaker made from coffee grounds below:

In 2021, the brand will go one step further and present its second sneaker, NOMAD. This model will now also be produced in a climate-neutral process, for which they support certain climate projects to offset the climate emissions from the production of NOMAD.

But what else makes the new sneaker special?

Rens presents: NOMAD - a waterproof perfomance sneaker made of coffee

With NOMAD, Rens launch a performance sneaker that is a new model of the coffee shoe of 2019.

So they have reworked their 2019 sneaker design and made it even better! The kicks are vegan, waterproof and made from recycled material. The shoe is explicitly designed for performance and an active lifestyle.

In addition, the Rens team also relied on feedback from their community for their new design and actively included their opinion.

NOMAD der Kaffe-Sneaker

"With the new model, we are continuing our mission to drive sustainable fashion with technology and innovation. We are particularly pleased that we were able to incorporate feedback from our previous customers, who explicitly requested a performance sneaker, into the development of the NOMAD.

Jesse Tran, CEO and co-founder of Rens

You think the project is just as worthy of support as we do, dear community? Then you can buy your own coffee sneaker via Kickstarter for a whole four weeks from 03 August 2021.

NOMAD is then available from €75 in a total of nine colours. The process is as follows: First you buy the shoe and then the production starts, so to speak, especially for you. Here, too, the sustainable idea is implemented and only produced when it is needed.

nachhaltiger Sneaker
welcome to Nomad

What features does the NOMAD Performance Sneaker offer?

Of course, with a shoe that is meant for sports or an active lifestyle, the features are also important! Can the vegan coffee sneaker also keep up?

Let's first take a look at the materials in detail. The upper of the NOMAD sneaker is made from coffee grounds and recycled plastic bottles. The inside, on the other hand, is made of coffee powder and comes with a breathable nano-membrane.

Made from coffee, but is still waterproof? Sounds crazy, but it's true, dear community! The sneaker features AquaScreenᵀᴹ 2.0 technology and consists of super small nanopores, making it water-repellent. Nevertheless, the performance shoe is also breathable, so you can stay cool during any kind of movement.

In addition, there is an outsole made of natural rubber that gives you the necessary grip on any surface. On top of that, there are also recycled laces and the shoe comes with good support and reactive cushioning for optimal support in everyday life or during your next workout.

Colorways Nomad
Sneaker aus Kaffee


Let's get this straight, dear community: NOMAD is a waterproof, vegan and sustainable performance sneaker made from coffee and recycled plastic, produced in a climate-neutral way and impresses with good support, reactive cushioning and a flexible upper.

Are you also taking the step towards more sustainability in the fashion and sneaker scene together with NOMAD?

Click on the button to take a detailed look at the Finnish brand's entire range. Read more about sustainability in the sneaker scene in our Sneaker News.

Performance Schuh nachhaltig
nachhaltiger Performance Schuh

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