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Ready for the sneakers trend autumn with the new Converse collection

October 16, 2020 1:17 PM
Ready for the sneakers trend autumn with the new Converse collection

Sneakers! Today, these comfortable shoes are a companion for every day life, you see them in every profession, in every social class and in every weather. A whole culture shapes this style and those who really love their sneakers never want to do without them. Not even now, when it is getting colder and colder outside, the weather is wet and uncomfortable and mud and moisture are waiting for you and your sneaker styles. Surely you know this, dear community: sneaker lovers don't want to do without their sneakers even in this season, but what is the price? Wet feet, or even worse: dirty sneakers? No! How about the new Converse autumn sneakers collection instead?

Converse autumn Sneaker

So today we present you the autumn and winter collection of Converse as a solution for the coming season, so you don't have to do without your sneakers! Because here you can keep your sneaker style in any weather and even get the one or other update on top!

In the Converse collection for the coming season there are again many different sneakers available in the most fantastic colours. The Converse autumn sneaker collection includes water-repellent shoes, with robust materials, thick soles and warming linings. Just what you need for the coming season! Robust materials, great autumn colours and the typical sneaker look are the main focus.

Sneaker für den Herbst, Converse

Converse sneakers with outdoor upgrade for the autumn

Of course a waterproof pair of sneakers is a must in the autumn season. The Converse Utility All Terrain Chuck Taylor comes in three different colours and has a waterproof upper. The typical Converse style is kept and gets the perfect outdoor update. The high cut and the long, warm tongue do the rest. For 130€ a great sneaker for the coming season.

A hybrid of a typical winter shoe and sneaker, perfect for a hard autumn and cold winter. This Chuck Taylor All Star Lugged Winter High Top is very popular with us, especially thanks to its special sole. A robust Gore-Tex upper made of leather, a warm lining and the usual good Converse style complete the look. For 110€ an autumn sneaker with a slightly different look.

If that's not enough sneaker style for you, you'll get your money's worth here. We especially emphasize the typical sneaker look, which is completely preserved. A fleece lining, invisible from the outside, provides the necessary warmth, while the upper material protects against dirt and moisture. A sole with more profile than usual for the usual chucks provides the necessary grip on wet and slippery paths. For only 90€ an autumn sneaker in a class of its own.

There was not yet the right thing to do? Then how about a very special design for the autumn? The Converse Chuck Taylor PC Suede Boot offers various design options for the Do It Yourself Sneaker design. In its character the sneaker is designed to stand up to all elements. Waterproof Suede upper, a durable sole, the popular Converse look and then there is the personal touch. 110€ for this autumn sneaker including own canvas.

A click on the picture brings you directly to the customize selection at Converse.


Converse - more than shoes

Converse has been around since the early 1900 century. The brand has played a more than decisive role in the early days of sneakers. It all started when Marques Converse worked in a vulcanising company and therefore had experience with rubber. He later applied this to his shoe designs, creating one of the first sneakers ever. The rubber sole made the wearer sneak compared to the heavy leather shoes that were common at that time. This is how the term sneaker came about. A part of the exciting history of the sneaker culture in detail, you can read again here! More will come soon!

Over the years, the Converse brand has shaped various social movements with its sneakers, supported rebellions, maintained its success from sport to different cultures and revolutionised the sneaker world with its chucks. At the beginning of the sneaker history, it was also the youth movement, which wanted to polarize with their sneakers in the sense of a rebellion against the adults and their world and did so! Converse Chucks have gradually shaped and accompanied political, musical, social and sporting movements throughout their history. And now they will accompany us safely through the coming season.

In our sneaker collection you will find of course from much more of Converse what your heart desires. And also in the matter of autumn sneakers we have a lot more for you. Maybe the new Air Force Gore-Tex are something for you? Or maybe you prefer a completely different autumn sneaker collection? The Air Max 90 has also got an outdoor makeover. Have a look in our Sneaker News!