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PUMA X Super Mario - the Nintendo is back in the sneaker game

October 14, 2020 1:16 PM
PUMA X Super Mario - the Nintendo is back in the sneaker game

The 90s. A time in which sneakers like the Air Max 90 were born, the sneaker culture developed more and more and of course a time in which all the adventurers competed in Super Mario World. To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario and the new game, Super Mario 3D All-Stars, PUMA teamed up with Nintendo. The PUMA X Nintendo Super Mario Pack includes three sneaker styles in a class of their own. It's not the first time that the two giants have worked together to make the hearts of millennials beat faster.

Today we present you the three sneakers of the new collaboration in detail. But attention, dear community, maybe this article was written with the absolute fan glasses 😉! All jokes aside, the new PUMA X Nintendo Super Mario Pack is not just for fans and retro enthusiasts! Part of the pack are the models of the RS-Fast, the Future Rider and the Clyde.

All three shoes in this package are completely inspired by the Super Mario universe. Even the lovingly designed shoebox brings you back to the children's room, in front of the Nintendo and to the world of Super Mario. Opening the box feels like jumping up and grabbing a star from the ? block. The three pairs of sneakers each have a different theme, all from the Super Mario universe of recent years. Of course we have taken a closer look at the whole thing and present you the collaboration in detail!

Super Mario Sneaker PUMA

PUMA X Super Mario - from Nintendo 64 to Sunshine and Mario Galaxy

The Future Rider, one of the hottest PUMA silhouettes of the moment, comes in the style of Super Mario 64 from 1996, with blue and red colours inspired by Mario's plumber's suit. Retro fans and children of the 90s will immediately fall in love with the further details. For example, wings are printed on the heel. Remember how cool it was to fly with Yoshi back then? The little wall on the side of the shoes also catches the eye immediately. Really well done and retro vibes to the full extent! The PUMA Future Ride will cost you 90€.

The PUMA Clyde X Super Mario Sunshine is then designed entirely around the theme of Super Mario Sunshine. The game was released in July 2002 and opened up a whole new world of possibilities for Mario and his friends back then. With the new kicks you can now do the same! Here we dive into an underwater level. I must admit I hated them, but of course that doesn't detract from the chic design. Because to go with it, there are some design elements in a blue that looks like water. The PUMA Clyde X Super Mario Sunshine will be an exclusive Foot Locker and will cost 80€.

The PUMA RS-Fast X Super Mario Galaxy has been given the latest design of the three sneakers and is dedicated to the Super Mario Galaxy game of 2007, which was made for Nintendo Wii. The colour scheme of white, purple and silver is reminiscent of the galaxy and important characters also show their faces here. Even after all these years, the Super Mario universe is still extremely exciting. Young and old come together here in this passion. Maybe it will work with the new kicks! These sneakers will cost you 120€.

PUMA X Nintendo Super Mario World

More than just a game

In addition to the shoes, there is also a hangtag by Mario himself. What we like most about the new PUMA X Nintendo collaboration is the attention to detail, the popular silhouettes and the great implementation of the various Super Mario themes on the shoes. Really good work! The world around Super Mario and his friends is already more than just a game! It is a world that captivates, inspires and brings us together. These vibes also bring the sneaker culture with them and in their great retro look the shoes are not only for fans.

The PUMA X Nintendo Super Mario Pack will finally be launched on 27 November 2020. You will get all information about the retailers in our release calendar as usual.