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PUMA comes out with Re:Suede sustainability sneaker

November 9, 2021 1:00 PM
PUMA comes out with Re:Suede sustainability sneaker

PUMA comes out with a new sustainable sneaker. The PUMA Re:Suede consists of different sustainable materials. In addition, the sneaker is part of a pilot and will be available for participants in Germany in 2022.

The Re:Suede is part of a new project from PUMA. In it, the classic Suede model has been given a new sustainable variant. This original pair was released in 1968 and has since become a true classic. The new Re:Suede pair uses the classic silhouette of the sneaker.

First of all, the pair combines different materials. The upper is made of biodegradable TPE and hemp fibres. The suede found on this pair is designed with Zeology technology. The model is part of a pilot by PUMA and will be tested extensively first.

In early 2022, PUMA will hand out 500 copies to various participants in Germany. These participants may test the model for six months. While wearing the sneakers, the participants pay attention to the functionality and durability of the pairs. After this six-month period, the Re:Suede pairs will be returned to PUMA.

PUMA then tests whether the sneakers are actually biodegradable. This way, the models end up in an industrially biodegradable process. PUMA wants to reduce the waste of raw materials and this pair is a step in the right direction.

PUMA will hand out the Re:Suede sneaker to various participants in Germany in 2022. When the pair will be available to the general public remains to be seen from the results of the pilot.

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