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Pride Collections 2021 from our favourite brands

June 1, 2021 12:00 PM
Pride Collections 2021 from our favourite brands

June is Pride Month 🌈. Some of our favourite sneaker brands are celebrating with their own collections! The brands want to support the LGBTQIA+ community and celebrate love, just like every year. Let's all make a statement for freedom and the greatest feeling in the world.

Converse, Reebok, adidas and Vans are on the programme with rainbow colours, eye-catching prints and a wild mix of materials.

Converse in rainbow colours

For the annual Pride collection, Converse emphasises the individual journey we are all on. So it's supposed to be about our own stories that we can express with graphic footwear and apparel. The focus is on the duality of struggle and joy on the path to self-love.

The silhouettes are linked by the graphic of craggy mountains and free-flowing peaks. For the collection, Converse chose the Chuck 70, the Chuck Taylor All Star in high and low versions, both low and platform. Added for the first time is the Run Star Hike as a brand new model.

Of course, you can also customise these kicks with the Converse By You option. The customisable options include the 'All Star' patch, the licence plate and the laces. Inspiration has been drawn from bisexual, pan-sexual, lesbian, non-binary, transgender and unity flags for a more inclusive take on personal expression.

Converse Kicks for Pride

You'll definitely make a statement with these off-white Chuck 70's. The wavy Pride rainbow draws all the attention on the white base. The sole is also colourful, just like the star on the side and the Converse logo on the heel.

In contrast to the calm base of the sneaker above, this Chuck is completely full of colour. The upper features flowers, butterflies, rainbows and mountains. The sole is also divided into colourful sections.

The Run Star Hike model has also been redesigned to celebrate Pride Month. The different colours on the laces have a beautiful colour gradient, just like the colourful edges along the sole and heel. The Converse star and the ribbed outsole are also in rainbow colours.

his version appears to be a combination of the two All Stars high-top designs. The base of the shoe is kept white, but the cheerful print is spread over the sides and tongue, the sole also divided into different colours.


Converse All Star Ox

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Last but not least: these cheerful slippers. The lower part is left black, which is why your eyes immediately fall on the upper part. The illustrations on the left differ from those on the right, but because of the many colours used, they fit together perfectly.

Reebook Pride Collection

The Reebok Pride 2021 campaign is for the pioneers of ballroom, because without them we wouldn't be where we are now. The Ballroom scene, or Ball Culture, describes the African American and Latino movement, originally from New York City, in the US LGBTQ scene. Participants walk a catwalk at events called 'ball' and compete against competitors in a battle for prizes, trophies and fame.

Pride Collection 2021

The collection celebrates all kinds of love, including self-love. The brand is also donating to the Sylvia Rivera Law Project this year. This is an organisation that works to ensure that all people are free to choose their gender identity and expression, regardless of income or race, and without experiencing harassment, discrimination or violence.

The brand also collaborates with House of Ninja to strengthen the collection with their own legendary ballroom perspective and history. Together with Colorful Soles, they pay tribute to ballroom culture and what has made it famous not only in the LGBTQIA+ community, but also on a global scale. The culture has inspired so many trends in slang, fashion, art, music and most importantly, advocacy.

Reebok InstaPump Fury OG 'All Types Of Love'
Reebok Pride

Vans take on Pride

Of course, the skate brand's colourful Pride collection also promotes an equal and inclusive society. For this year's celebration, a footwear and apparel collection inspired by the LGBTQ+ community was released to promote creative self-expression.

Vans Pride 2021

We find a colourful mix of patterns on all Vans Classic silhouettes, which in turn reinterprets the iconic Checkerboard. Let's look forward to the Classic Slip-On, the Era, the Sk8 Mid and the UltraRange.

Feel free to check out the whole collection via the button above πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘†πŸ½πŸ‘†πŸΏ and now feel free to check out our favourites below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸΌπŸ‘‡πŸΎ.

VANS Pride Classic Slip-on
VANS Pride Old Skool Platform
VANS Pride Sk8-mid

We can also shop for both apparel and accessories. In addition, Vans donates a total of $200,000 to four different organisations operating worldwide. These are GLSEN,Β Casa 1,Β Where Love is IllegalΒ and Tokyo Rainbow Pride.

"When I was younger I was so scared to combine my queer life and my skate life, and to see the two crash into each other in such a beautiful and organic way is cool. To work with a brand that is involved in the queer community and has impacted my life so much is a dream come true."

Samuel McGuireso, Skateboarder and campaign photographer
Pride 2021
Vans Pride

The adidas Pride Pack

adidas approach the issue through sport. They say that sport can act as a purely physical activity, but they contradict this. Because sport is much more: art and creativity are ultimately unique, just like every person and every love. That is why the Brand fights for love and for everyone to be the way they want to be. "Because without love we have nothing."

adidas Pride 2021

In the adidas Pride Collection 2021 we also find lifestyle as well as sports shoes, apparel and accessories. Have a look at the small Sneakerjagers selection again now.


adidas Adizero Pro

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All the brands are making a clear statement with their collections. I especially like adidas' approach and it makes us think. Is loving and being loved the ultimate goal of our lives?

Love comes in many facets. It is incredibly beautiful, sometimes annoying and hopefully rarely painful. Love can push all other feelings aside, especially when it overcomes fear and fights for itself with courage. No matter what love, always remember to love yourself first.