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Offspring's 'Queens of Air' project pays tribute to women in the sneaker scene

January 7, 2023 4:37 PM
Offspring's 'Queens of Air' project pays tribute to women in the sneaker scene

In late 2022, Offspring came out with a special project; 'Queens of Air', an ode to the women of the sneaker scene. The year 2022 was a big year for the women of the sneaker world and Offspring highlighted this with a special Polaroid series. Photographer Matt Pearson led the project and photographed no fewer than 50 'queens' with their favourite sneaker.

'Queens of Air' project

The current sneaker scene is changing and women are increasingly being heard in a world initially run by men. In 2022, more and more female influencers and creatives came to the forefront; think Titi Finlay, Aleali May, and Melody Eshani. Offspring pays tribute to the ladies in its 'Queens of Air' project.

Queens of Air is a personal project built during 2022 by Matt Pearson. The project consists of 50 different women, all with different backgrounds and lifestyles, wearing their favourite pair of Air Jordan 1 High. 2022 marked Nike's 50th anniversary and Pearson wanted to bring this number back into the project. His work combined his love for Jordans and Polaroids and also taught him more about the female sneaker community.

The women in the shoot all have their own ideas about the sneaker community. Each Polaroid tells its own story. "What made me participate in the project was Matt's sense for women empowerment and community and how important this project is for us women in the sneaker community," says Andrea (@andreacdasilva_), who also participated in this project.

The idea for the 'Queens of Air' project came from a love of sneakers, particularly the Air Jordan 1 silhouette. "Jordan 1 Highs are one of my favourite shoes so if I could combine that with my love for Polaroid it seemed like a match made in heaven," says Pearson.

Get a first impression of the project below. Watch the full interview with Pearson and the 50 Polaroids from the 'Queens of Air' project at Offspring.

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