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NOTCA, a cooperation between Drake and Nike

December 8, 2020 11:47 AM
NOTCA, a cooperation between Drake and Nike

Drake and Nike announce a new co-op. After Drake's recordings at Nike headquarters in Beaverton (USA), Drake and Nike launch a sub-label, NOTCA. In the run-up to the release of the label, Drake shares his views on this process and the project.

For Drake, growing up with Nike was totally the thing. Everything he wanted, every athlete he admired, everything he owned, was not complete if there was no Swoosh on it. The artist remembers Nike as the brand that embraced not only athletes but also entertainers. He used to fantasize about how crazy it would be and what it meant if you had a deal with Nike as an artist. And now, after two years of hard work, the time has finally come. His dream comes true. He now associates with the, in his eyes, highest possible level.

NOTCA - Drake X Nike

NOTCA is a realisation of all the thoughts and everything Drake could ever have hoped for. From the culture from which it originated, the product, the partnership and the scale with which he can share this end product with the world. The brand stands for creating for people on the move. For the people who want functional and comfortable clothing, but also for wearing it in different environments.

In addition to what is produced, it is also about the mentality, loyalty and the team. By and for people who are hard workers, continue day and night and people who try to achieve their goals.

Wherever you are, with this look you get a real team feeling. Drake wants to incorporate a piece of the culture he grew up in NOTCA. It's all about making the best of it, with the Nike Tech Fleece, the gloves, the hat, just the best of the world the artist grew up in.

Over the past two years, a lot of work has been done on the NOTCA label. A worldwide release will take place on 18 December. Keep an eye on us at Instagram to keep abreast of all the details. For now, a lot of other sneakers are waiting for you in the release calendar!

NOTCA Drake and Nike
Image by: Nike