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Nike WMNS Dunk High Rebel 'Cashmere' balances colours and added details

August 6, 2021 12:00 PM
Nike WMNS Dunk High Rebel 'Cashmere' balances colours and added details

Wow! What a shoe, dear sneakerjagers! The Nike WMNS Dunk High Rebel follows in the footsteps of the successful 'Reimagined' collection from 2018. Matching the current hype of all 'Nike Dunk' models, the rebellious sneaker comes just in time and is released in two colorways.

The Nike WMNS Dunk Rebel 'Cashmere' is on sale at 09:00 on Thursday 12 August, 2021 at Nike and other retailers or via Raffles, for example at Asphaltgold.

The 'White' will also arrive on 12 August 2021. Both models will be priced at €120.

Find out more about the Kickz below!

Nike WMNS Dunk High Rebel 'Cashmere' | DH3718-700

The Dunk High Rebel 'Cashmere' brings some new features. The white and light brown rubber outsole, which looks a bit disrupted, is followed by the stacked midsoles.

The layered construction of the different overlays is particularly exciting. The colour combination of Cashmere/Green Noise/Pale Coral brings summer back to life. The upper is mainly made of leather.

A definite highlight is the double swoosh, consisting of the black mini swoosh that is slightly offset on the large swoosh, which runs through to the heel tab, typical of the Dunk series.

You can see that Nike certainly didn't skimp on details here, if you look at the extra seams at the back and the extended tongue at the front.

The silhouette also reminds us of past Nike x Sacai collabos and was certainly inspired by the Nike Air Force 1 Shadow. The overall impression of the Nike WMNS Dunk High Rebel 'Cashmere' is bold, colourful and confident.

Nike WMNS Dunk High Rebel  sides
Nike Dunk High Rebel 'Cashmere' sides
Nike WMNS Dunk High Rebel 'Cashmere' detail

Nike WMNS Dunk High Rebel 'White' | DH3718-100

The Nike WMNS Dunk High Rebel 'White' is a bit simpler and more classic. We also find the look very successful, as the many details in combination with the monotonous white are subtle at first glance and yet striking at second glance.

WMNS Dunk High 'White' above
Nike WMNS Dunk High Rebel 'White' side
Nike WMNS Dunk High Rebel 'White' back

This is where I come from

The Nike WMNS Dunk High Rebel has its roots in the 'Reimagined' Collection of 2018, which included five different styles of the Nike Air Force 1 called Rebel, Jester, Lover, Sage and Explorer. Fourteen women came together to design and create this expressive collection.

One of the women is Georgina James, Director of Women's Footwear at Nike. For her, the collection is a dream come true.

Release Dates & Facts

As always, there are several ways to get your hands on the Cashmere/Green Noise/Pale Coral. Either you try the Raffles, which partly start earlier, or you wait for it to appear at Nike and other shops. Here, according to our information, 12 August 2021, 09:00 hrs is planned.

Click on the button to get all the data on the Raffles and retailers.

The 'White' colourway also arrives on 12 August 2021 at 09:00 and will be available at various partner shops.

Both styles will be available in women's sizing and especially with the Cashmere/Green Noise/Pale Coral it won't be easy, but also not impossible to get one. Check out our release calendar to stay tuned. Good luck Sneakerjagers!