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Nike Space Hippie sneakers - sustainable sneakers for a better world

June 5, 2020 3:31 PM
Nike Space Hippie sneakers - sustainable sneakers for a better world

Hippie, space, Nike - how does it all fit together? Very simple! Nike is launching a new sneakers collection that combines exactly these things - hippie, space and most importantly: Sustainability, recycled materials and a glimpse into the future of our world. The sneakers will be released on June 11, 2020. You can get all information about it in this blog post.

But first we will clarify the question how space and hippie fit together. Visually, the sneakers in the collection have a spacey design. On the picture below you can see how well the design fits into space. But the inspiration goes even further, you'll find out in a moment. Let's get to the hippie aspect first. The hippie scene reminds in its style and thoughts of the 50s. Flowers, harmony, a beautiful world and a positive energy are associated with it. And the sneakers also want to represent that.

Nike Space Hippie

From old make new!

The new collection of Nike Space Hippie sneakers is inspired by life on Mars. How can you imagine that? It's simple, because Mars doesn't have a lot of resources to make sneakers and that's the philosophy behind this collection. The sneakers also appear as part of Nike's 'Move to Zero' campaign. This is all about protecting our planet in terms of the environment and sustainability and thus securing the future and also sport. You can find out more about this in our Newsblog later this week.

Nachhaltigkeit Nike

With its collection, Nike wants to raise awareness for climate protection. The shoes have been produced using sustainable methods and are made of recycled materials and reusable waste. Both the upper of the sneakers, which is based on Flyknit, is made from old plastic bottles, T-shirts and yarn remnants. In the sole we find recycled foam that is not only sustainable but also extremely comfortable to wear. You could also say that what would otherwise have ended up on the factory floor or in the garbage gets a valuable new job here.

Nike - recycelte Materialien

All in all we get 4 different sneakers and one of them comes in two colorways. The shoes are very different in style and some come with a special lacing system. Visually, a reference to the sport is also clear. The shoes celebrate their release on June 11, 2020 at 09:00 am. We will present the shoes in detail here again and there you will also get all information about the prices. But before that: The cardboard of the sneakers is also made of sustainable and recycled material and comes with eco-friendly paint.

Nike Space Hippie - sneakers for the environment

This is trash! This is what Nike says about their collection. "Trash Transformed". As we already know, the upper's 'Space Waste' yarn is made of recycled polyester derived from plastic bottles, T-shirts and yarn waste. The midsole of the sneakers is made of the so-called Crater Foam, which means stability and comfort. The inner sole of the shoes is made of foam left over from recycled ZoomX parts.

Our first sneaker in the bunch is the Space Hippie 01. All sneakers are named Nike Space Hippie 01, 02, 03 and 04. And the design in the colors runs through the whole collection. The 01 comes with laces, but they are specially connected. The jagged sole offers good grip and also looks good with its mottled style. A simple, sporty style! Click on the button to see a list of all selected retailers. The sneaker is available from €130.


The Space Hippie 02 comes in a similar style, but completely without laces! Its sock-like entry and fit provides a great and flexible wearing comfort. On the upper you can see reinforcements in one place or another to support this. Here the sole is also shown to its best advantage. The sneaker consists of 50% recycled materials. Not only stylish, but also good for the environment. You can get this look for €150.


Space meets hippie and the environment is happy

Third in the bunch comes in a completely different style. It is high cut and has a very fancy lacing, which is more of a pulling system, similar to snowboard boots. So if you need a really good grip in everyday life or for sports - here you get it. The shoe has a futuristic, modern look and could have come straight from space. You can get this style for €180, just click on the button. If you don't want to miss the release on June 11, you can also set a release alert by clicking on the button.


Sustainability stylishly implemented

And already we have arrived at the last model. But the Space Hippie 04 comes in two colorways. One is a bit brighter and one in a darker grey than we have seen so far. In the darker version the Swoosh also comes in yellow and not in orange. The lacing is also specially designed and we find a strap at the heel. The sneaker looks completely different than all its predecessors, but take a look for yourself and decide which one is your favourite. This sneaker costs you €140.


Nike Space Hippie Sneakers. So here we don't get Dunk Low, Air Jordan or Nike Air Force, but fancy looks with a great story. And above all: Great, sustainable and recycled materials. John Hoke, one of Nike's chief designers, and his team have once again done a great job.

Sustainability is of course a big issue at the moment and the big sneakers and sports brands are also changing their philosophy in this respect. We'd like to tell you what exactly Nike is doing for the environment and how it works with recycled materials. Please check our Newsblog regularly under the heading "Sustainability".