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Nike launches new book 'No Finish Line'

January 12, 2023 4:26 PM
Nike launches new book 'No Finish Line'

The Swoosh Brand introduces their new book 'No Finish Line'. The book celebrates Nike's 50 years of pioneering designs and innovations in the service of athletes and sport - and provides a vision for the next 50 years. The book's foreword is written by Nike's Chief Design Officer, John Hoke, and features pieces by Geoff Manaugh and Sam Grawe.

Nike will release a new book on 14 February 2023. 'No Finish Line', the title of the book, pays tribute to the sports culture that plays a major role within the sports brand. In the book, journalist Geoff Manaugh and author Sam Grawe look back at the past 50 years and provide a look to the future. John Hoke, chief design officer at Nike, also introduces the book:

“It’s been said that the best way to predict the future is to create it. At Nike, we wholeheartedly agree. For over 50 years, we’ve endeavored to create a better future for athletes. This compels us forward, always. When we say, ‘There is no finish line,’ it’s not a lazy reference to an unending grind or destination-less journey, but rather an expression of our belief in the limitless potential of sport — and design."

This preface sets the tone of the book. The book focuses on innovations within the brand and looks back at the best designs within the sports world. Through five essays, the book describes how design can change in the coming decades. In the book, inspiring designers, scientists, engineers, researchers and creatives speak.

'No Finish Line' is designed by Zak Group and comes with illustrations by Bráulio Amado. The book has a clean design and is pocket-size. 'No Finish Line' will be released on 14 February 2023 and will be available at various retailers, bookshops and at the Design Museum Den Bosch. Check out the official images of the book below. Keep an eye on our news page for the latest updates.

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