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Nike Air Max 95: These new Colorways await us

September 5, 2020 11:22 AM
Nike Air Max 95: These new Colorways await us

The Nike Air Max 95 will already be 25 this year 🎊! Happy Birthday from our crew. To celebrate this, Nike will of course also be adding some special new styles to the silhouette. Two colorways you can't miss are the Nike Air Max 95 'Black/Aurora Green' and the Nike Air Max 95 'Naija'. We want to have a look at these two looks in detail today. But for all of you who already know that you definitely want to hit the styles, we have the release info here:

The Air Max 95 'Black/Aurora Green' will celebrate its release on 12 September 2020, at 09:00 am. You have to plan on 180€ for the price. A list of all shops, which we will update regularly for you, can be found here:

The new Air Max 95 'Najia' will be available from 28 September 2020. The style will also be released at 09:00 am at Nike and surely there will be some other retailers as well. This AM95 will then cost you 170€.

The famous 'body shoe':

The design of the Air Max 95 Silhouette, first released in 1995, is inspired by the human body! Sergio Lozano is the main designer behind the very first OG Nike Air Max 95 'Neon'. How exactly is that body thing meant? The lacing system is inspired by the ribcage, the outsole is inspired by the spine and the upper, which is made of mesh and suede, is inspired by muscle fibers from the human body.

This work of art will soon be available in a rather exciting black colorway. Exciting and black? How does that fit together? The Air Max 95 'Black/Aurora Green' has a very special look, you'll have to see it in detail in the pictures. The upper also features parts in a shade of green and generally comes with a special look and shimmer! Super exciting! You can get this special style on September 12th from 09:00 am for 180€ here:

Nike Air Max 95 'Black/Aurora Green' 
 DA7735-001 •
DA7735-001 Nike Air Max 95 'Black/Aurora Green'
DA7735-001 Nike Air Max 95

Happy Birthay AM95!

The Air Max 95 in the colorway 'Naija' is also special and a little more colourful. Naija is another word for Nigeria. It's not the first time that Nike has chosen these colours and this theme for a shoe design. Do you know the Nike Zoom Freak 2 Naija, for example?

The different layers/strips on the upper are made of different materials and come in different textures and shades. We see here different lines, geometric shapes and so on. A black outsole, black tongue and black overlays complete the look. The Air Max 95's usual good air cushioning is of course not missing here either!

Do you want to top the shoe? Then you have the chance on 28 September 2020 at 09:00 am for 170€.

CW2360-300  Nike Air Max 95 Naija
CW2360-300  Nike Air Max 95

Well, which one is your favourite? Difficult, I know 🤯! But you still have a little time until the release! If you don't want to miss hot releases like this in the future, I can only recommend our Release Calendar!

Wasn't there something important 🧐? Oh yes, dear community! Please hold on to your hands, because Denham has teamed up with Nike again. And among other things, you might have guessed it, there will be a Denham X Nike Air Max 95 'Neon' in OG style soon 😳 😳! Holy sh… well you know 🤭! Francis has already summarised some information for you in this update. The sneaker is expected to be released on September 25th, 2020! In our Sneaker News you will soon find out more about it!