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NEW! Or not? Air Jordan 5 High Alternate Grape

July 3, 2020 3:37 PM
NEW! Or not? Air Jordan 5 High Alternate Grape

[Update: July 6, 2020] TOMORROW! Then the time has finally come and the Air Jordan 5 High 'Alternate Grape' celebrates its release! Make sure to secure a place in the raffle or try your luck at various retailers on July 7, 2020. You can get all the information you need by clicking on the button! And in this blog post you can read everything else about the style!

Yoo dear community! Next week there will be some really good sneaker releases and the Air Jordan 5 High 'Alternate Grape' will be on top of the list! Meanwhile you have already voted a lot and gave the nice pair of sneakers already more than 200 upvotes. ? It will surely be in the top 3 cop releases next week.

Back to the AJ:

We are getting an old classic in a new guise. What exactly this means now and what makes the sneaker so special, you will find out right after the release info!

Release infos

The Air Jordan 5 High 'Alternate Grape' will celebrate its release next week on Tuesday, July 7, 2020 at 09:00 am at Nike, as well as at selected retailers. For a good investment of €200 you can buy these beauties. Click on the button below to get a complete list of all retailers who will sell the kickz. ⬇️

?...we know!

Yes! A 'Grape' colorway on the AJ5 silhouette already existed. But as we can see from the name of this new Jordan release, it is an "alternative" Grape colorway. So we get a modified form of the iconic Air Jordan 5 'Grape'! How? You don't know it yet?

Here's a picture for you:

If you have looked carefully and paid attention, you will have noticed one thing: The new Air Jordan 5 High 'Alternate Grape' has been given the exact same color scheme as the Air Jordan 5 'Grape'. The only thing that has changed here are the places where the colors purple, turquoise, white and black have been placed.

Compare for yourself: Here is a picture of the shoes that will be released on Tuesday:


Did u spot the difference?

As you've probably noticed, the new Air Jordan 5 High 'Alternate Grape' has retained all the colors of its predecessor. It also incorporates every important and typical feature of the Air Jordan 5 silhouette. The only difference between the two sneakers is that the 'Alternate Grape' comes with a completely purple upper. But there's more to say…let's get down to the details:


Air Jordan 5 High 'Alternate Grape' - the details

Alright. Like I said, the sneaker comes with a completely purple upper. Of course this Air Jordan 5 has kept its main design elements and got the flames on the midsole in turquoise, with black sprinkles. (Good to know: The Air Jordan 5 silhouette was designed by none other than 'Maestro Tinker Hatfield'. He was inspired by the flying machines of the US Air Force and quickly developed the popular flames on the midsole from them).

More details: The new sneaker has a black midsole and convinces otherwise also with a rather dark design. The typical lace lock comes here in a transparent look with turquoise details that harmonize perfectly with the Jumpman logo of the Jordan brand on the tongue.

Air Jordan 5 'Grape' better than Air Jordan 5 High 'Alternate Grape?

The question of which sneaker is better is generally rather superfluous, as it is well known that tastes differ and one could spend hours discussing anyway without coming to a common denominator. But here it might be important information for those of you who like the old Grape colorway that you could still get a Jordan that is a little more similar to the Air Jordan 5 'Grape'.

According to rumours a colorway is to come at the end of August, which is called 'Alternate' or 'Alternate Bel-Air'. The sneaker should remind of the popular series 'Prince Of Bel-Air'. Therefore it features many elements of the 'Grape', because Will Smith wore the sneaker, like many other Jordans in the series, on his feet. With this appearance he made many people aware of the silhouette of the AJ5. But enough talking. Below you can see a mock-up of what the sneaker will look like.

Sure, the 'Alternate Bel-Air' comes with some other colors and features. But all in all we get a white leather upper and many elements similar to the 'Grape'.

Personally, I am looking forward to the release of the new Air Jordan 5 and I hope you are too! Definitely a must-have for every Jordan fan.

As always you can find more pictures of the gem here:


You want to know where you get it? Easy! With a simple click on the button below, we will take you directly to our list of retailers. ⬇️

?: @hanzuying