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Make your own Sneakers at Sneakersschool

December 23, 2020 9:00 AM
Make your own Sneakers at Sneakersschool

Roel van Hoff

Roel van Hoff is a certified master shoemaker and well-known designer, having done designs for numerous major brands. He has been active for years making exclusive sneakers. At his Sneakersschool he provides a course for people to make sneakers by hand under his professional guidance. There are hundreds of different materials to make these handmade sneakers, so they are really bespoke!

Every month students learn how to make their own Air Max and Air Jordans. Roel has already guided more than 100 people and receives students from far outside Europe! More than 20 unique nationalities have entered the studio.

Besides the great success of his Sneakersschool, Roel has a new goal for 2021. Due to the great demand for handmade sneakers from the master himself, Roel has decided to release several sneakers!

Jordan 1 'Deluxe Pack'

This will take place on the Jordan 1 and Air Max 1. The most exciting this is, Sneakerjagers have the scoop to raffle off the first release by means of our Christmas Advent Giveaway!!

This is the Jordan 1 'Deluxe Pack', three handmade sneakers in different unique colours - red, blue and purple. The pack is based on the icon 'OG Chicago' the unique croco prints custom made in the factory of fashion brand Chanel. The colours were specially developed for the series.

For every release that comes out, a maximum of 10 pieces will be made. The prices are €1,000 - the quality and exclusivity must be well balanced. According to Roel, this is a very competitive price/quality ratio. He wants to offer people the possibility of an affordable handmade sneaker of very high quality. As soon as the popularity increases, so will the prices, as often happen in the art world. This way, the first buyers are rewarded with a stable and valuable sneaker.

If you want to own one of these amazing creations in your choice of colour, head to our app to enter the giveaway today, 23 December, and you will be in with a chance of winning one!! In the latest version, you will find our Advent Calendar in the Release Calendar and open door 23.

You can find Roel's portfolio via To apply for a course you can go to