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Look forward to the Pharrell Williams x adidas BB collection!

April 2, 2020 2:55 PM
Look forward to the Pharrell Williams x adidas BB collection!

On April 6, 2020 Pharrell Williams x adidas will celebrate the release of their 10-piece basketball collection and of course we celebrate that too! We can look forward to old classics as well as completely new silhouettes. And there will be also something suitable to wear. We've put them all in one place! ? So check out the first details and then it's just a matter of waiting until it's finally April 6.

They all are - the shoes of the collection. For more details, just scroll down. But as already mentioned, Pharrell Williams also offers us the matching outfits. Just like his style - very energetic & positive. Check out the outfits in the total package here. Below we also show you where you can get the parts. ?

The sneakers of the Pharrell Williams x adidas Basketball Collection

Now we come to the second and certainly most interesting part of the collection: the sneakers. We get 7 pieces of them at once. So there will be something for everyone. I would also like to start with my favourite:

The focus of the collection, also called 'Pharrell Williams 0 to 60 shoe'. If you like basketball shoes in the 90s vibe, this is the place to be! We get a new high top silhouette and a colorful, exciting upper with lots of comfort! Of course the special part has its price. The Crazy BW 'Yellow' will be available for €250.


The Continental 80 has been inspired by its sneaker original from the 80s, but has made up for lost ground in terms of comfort! Simple variants are often chosen - as with this upper in light beige. But the laces in orange provide pure good mood. A great contrast. It's price: €120


The Nizza is also a much loved model of the 80s. Although it was often seen in canvas fabric now & even then, this adidas Nizza in high cut goes back far to its roots and is therefore worked in high-quality, plain leather. Again we get colored laces - in this case a deep blue with a lot of impact. For the Pharrell Williams x adidas Nizza Hi 'Ecru' you have to invest €100.


If you like the classic tennis look, then the SC Premiere model is the right choice for you. Because its origin is of course still clearly visible. As expected, a classic and at the same time modern look, which gets an energy kick from an excitingly bright green. It's price: €180


Special styles from adidas and Pharrell Williams

Here we get the incomparable silhouette of the adidas Stan Smith - refined with a high-quality leather upper and laces in a delicate rosé. Chic & simple and for the Pharrell Williams x adidas Stan Smith 'Ecru Tint' you have to invest €160.


This shoe started in 1970, when it was designed for basketball, it quickly conquered the hearts of hip hop fans and then all the streets of the world! The Pharrell Williams Sneaker captivates in soft colors, dark beige adidas stripes and discreet green-yellow shining laces. This is a real eye-catcher and as always, it is made of high quality leather. It's price: €100


Starting with a colorful model and ending with an equally colorful model. Here we get a completely new silhouette too, but just like with the first shoe, Pharrell Wiliams has given free rein to his creativity. His look: a mix of sport and street style - and thanks to the cushioning midsole, it should also offer a high level of comfort. If you want to get the new Crazy BYW 2, then you have to invest €180.