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Kanye West Yeezy Twitter Leaks / Spam! 🥵

August 11, 2020 2:15 PM
Kanye West Yeezy Twitter Leaks / Spam! 🥵

Hola dear community, the weekend was hot and we hope you survived the hot weekend. But have you seen the Kanye West Yeezy Twitter Leaks yet? Nope? Then you are right here! We have all the information what kickz will come and drop!

But in Kanye West's massive Leak or from the Twitter community called Spam, are also some other nice news! For example, Kanye West's upcoming album 'Donda' and other nice 'design related' tweets! But yes, let's start with the 'Sneaker News'!

Infinite Yeezy Colorways!

So? Can you name all the upcoming Yeezy models? Kanye West, as you can see, has a lot of kickz planned for this year… oh wait for the next decade! There will be a lot more colorways for the following yeezy models: (Instagram Pic can be found below)

  • 700 V1
  • 700 V3
  • 500
  • 500 High
  • Foam RNNR
  • Adiletten?
  • Slides
  • Desert Boots
'Huh? Which Yeezy do I want?'
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7 0 0 V1

A post shared by YEEZY MAFIA (@yeezymafia) on

'Damn - bring out the Waverunner Colorway again, not this rainbow!'
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7 0 0 V3

A post shared by YEEZY MAFIA (@yeezymafia) on

'It's a Skip for me!'
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'YZY QNTM BSKTBL is ready for the NBA in 2021!'
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5 0 0 HIGH

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'A YZY 500 High vs Air Jordan 1?''
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A post shared by YEEZY MAFIA (@yeezymafia) on

'More Yeezy Foam Runners & othere YZY 'Slides'!'
'Yeezy Slides & YZY Desert Boots? - Nope Kanye...'

Upcoming YZY Models!

The Yeezy D Rose will be the start! As you can see below, the YZY D Rose will be released soon! Kanye West announced this news on the weekend in his massive Yeezy 'Twitter' Leaks Post! But we won't tell you much more about the Rose here, because tomorrow we'll write an 'UPDATE' about it - be curious, because there are already 'On-Feet' pictures.

These Turreliens remind me of the following kickz… 🤔 You can find the comparison below! Would you, dear community, dare to wear this YZY?

'Turrelliens? - Nope Clogs!'
📷: Micheile Henderson

This year we will probably get a new Colorway for the Yeezy 500 ! Take a longer look at the picture of the kickz below… Don't they look like ducks? What do you see community?

That's it for the 'Upcoming' Yeezy releases, but there are other 'Kanye West Twitter Leak/ Spam' Tweets that you definitely need to see!

More projects from Kanye!

Since the new album 'Donda' by Kanye West was not released on July 24th, 2020, I was especially pleased with this tweet! You can see a huge air sculpture and Mr. West wrote 'Coming Soon' as caption. Could this be the new album? Stay tuned!

Huh, what's that? Looks like the YZY x GAP Collabo (10-year deal)! When the Yeezy clothes will be released is still uncertain, but yes, they will most likely be released via an app (maybe Stores and online)! Until then we will keep you up to date under our 'Sneaker News'.

Okey dear community, I would like to say that we all covered Kanye West tweets from the weekend, but that would be a lie! There are so many 'Tweets' that users have complained that their smartphones were vibrating all the time! But yes, Mr. West keeps surprising the world, such as with his already deleted tweets, that he was thinking about divorcing his wife Kim Kardashian. But yes, the man is diagnosed as bipolar and therefore has bipolar disorders. If you want to see the rest of the tweets, click here on 'Go to Kanye West's Twitter Channel'!