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Jordan 1 High models under the radar

July 20, 2021 12:00 PM
Jordan 1 High models under the radar

What's going on in the community? This time we're looking for the best Jordan 1 High models under the radar and show you which upcoming Jordan 1 Highs are currently not so hyped. Often you can get a real steal and hope that the kicks will increase in value in the future. Have fun!

The current market situation

At the moment, a lot of new shoes and models are coming onto the market every week, which satisfies demand somewhat and some models have dropped again in the resell price. After the lockdown, many people are buying less online again and spending on shoes and fashion is going down a little. On the plus side, some sneakers are undervalued and you can get them at a discount, so to speak.

These Jordan High models are undervalued

First of all, the silhouettes listed are somewhat undervalued in our opinion. Please don't take this as a strategy to invest in these shoes or buy them for this reason alone. But of course we are happy if you get a good deal!

Let's start with the J1 High 'Midnight Navy', which was released in 2020 and was supposed to come out in time for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Now the Olympics start at the end of July 2021 and the shoe has actually dropped in price in the last 3 months.

If you follow the link or click on the picture you will get an overview of all resell platforms. The 'Navy Blue' is always a popular colorway and especially with the white leather a real eye-catcher. For us, this colorway is still under the radar.


Air Jordan 1 High Retro OG 'Light Smoke Grey'

We continue with the Jordan High 'Light Smoke Grey'. The shoe was launched in July 2020, convinces with its simple appearance and can be bought for under €300. A few red details give the otherwise so clean sneaker a nice appearance.

Air Jordan 1 High OG WMNS 'Lucky Green'

Thirdly, I've picked out the Jordan High in the 'Lucky Green' colorway. The WMNS sneaker is unfortunately only available up to size 44.5, but otherwise it's just as good for men as it is for women.

We rarely see the colour green in the high models and especially with the white base the kicks look incredibly good. For us, a totally underrated sneaker.

Jordan High Lucky Green

Air J1 High Retro 'Japan'

The 'Japan' version also came onto the market in 2020 and was supposed to increase anticipation for the Olympic Games. Precisely because these did not take place, the big hype about the shoe failed to materialise.

This Jordan High has a clean design and an exciting history. The shoe was released as a Japan exclusive back in 2001 and came onto the market in limited quantities. The colorway is currently available for a little more than retail, i.e. approx. €160-190. For this shoe, an absolute steal in our eyes.

Jordan High

These Jordan High models are coming out soon

Finally, we take a look at our release calendar and check which of the upcoming J1 models are currently still undervalued. Many models that would trigger a lot of hype in 'normal' times may not be on the radar of many fans at the moment and will only be appreciated once the sneaker market has recovered a little. Let's see which kicks have potential for this.

The 'Pollen' version, which will be released on 7 August 2021, will certainly go down well with the fans, but many will certainly try to sell the shoe quickly to make some money. This could push prices down and provide a good entry price for those who want to wear the shoes.

The same applies to the Air Jordan 1 High OG 'Prototype', which is scheduled for release in September 2021. We are curious as to what the pricing will be! Until then, you are welcome to visit our Sneaker News. More exciting articles, leaks and news from the sneaker scene are waiting for you there.