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How we can be allies for women in the sneaker scene

June 11, 2021 4:00 PM
How we can be allies for women in the sneaker scene

If you have someone who has your back and also strengthens you, that is incredibly valuable. You can jump, swim, fly, fall and get up again. Or even gain a foothold. Accordingly, it is extremely important that we are allies and have allies in the sneaker world. This allows women to arrive in the sneaker scene, to blossom and most importantly - to work together as equal members with all sneakerheads.

Five steps to support women in the sneaker scene

So today, let's look at what we (all!) can do in five simple steps to be allies for women non-binary in the sneaker world. In doing so, women's inclusion and diversity in the company or organisation should always refer to and include men. In fact, 96% of companies that do this show progress, while others only show a 30% improvement. So, in principle, this means that we need allies, and in many forms and varieties. We should focus on listening, support and respect.

Ho to support women
Frauen in der Sneakeszene

1. Acknowledge

It is no secret that the sneaker industry is (still) dominated by men. Therefore, before we do anything, it is important to acknowledge what women have to face and deal with. We can do that by informing ourselves and educating ourselves. Because only relying on others does not work.

2. Listen

If you are not in the same shoes, you can hardly know and even less understand what is really going on. Of course, this applies to every life situation and relationship, because we never know what kind of baggage our counterpart has to carry at any given moment.

For the sneaker world to finally become inclusive, we need to listen. Listening to what female sneakerheads and women in the scene have to say and giving them the space to explain themselves and their needs and ideas. No more assuming!

Verbündete für Frauen in der Sneakerszene
Sneakerszene und Frauen

3. Open your mouth

Let's not just watch and remain silent when we hear someone speaking badly about women. Let's show civil courage. Whether at home, at work, among friends or even online. We all need to stick together and be brave together. Let's challenge them, because it could be that those who have not yet fully understood a woman's perspective. Therefore, we can explore and clarify why what they have said is wrong or could be misinterpreted.

4. Empower women

Instead of continuing to swim in a shark tank and fuelling the elbow society, we should support and encourage each other. If we like an idea, we can praise him or her and share the project with others. We just need to have each other's backs and consequently push the work and voices of women in the industry. Because we can't do it alone.

5. Treat women as equals

Women don't want to be treated like princesses, they want to be treated like equals. 'Shrink it and pink it' is not the solution, instead brands could start with inclusive sizing.

Finally: women simply want to be respected and appreciated just as much as men.

Because at the end of the day, we are all people united by a passion for sneakers. And that's the crux of the matter!

Sneakerszene Frauen

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