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How to Skate: The best Skateshoes!

August 10, 2020 2:22 PM
How to Skate: The best Skateshoes!

Welcome welcome to the skate blog with the best skateshoes! By the way the news that the 'Skate 4' is going to be released has already blown my mind. But we don't have the release date for 'Skate 4', but the best skate shoes for skating! What should not be missing when you have skate sneakers? Right: a Skateboard! We have a skatestore called 'BEN-G' here in Amsterdam. But yes, if you want to learn more about skating and are looking for special skate brands, then go to your 'Local Skate Store'.

They will always give you the best advice, because most of the staff there really skate in their spare time and know their stuff. They will help you for sure. If you have questions like:
- Which shoe size do I need for skateboarding?
- Or which skateboard size should I buy?
- Or which trucks should I put on my board?
- etc. they staff of the skate shop will for sure help you out!

My tips for skate beginners:
- Boardsize? The best thing to do is to ask in the shop if you can stand on the board and just try out which ones suit you (from the feeling). Also, boards with a small width will spin faster (rather for advance and pro skaters) and skateboards with a larger width rotate slower (= more time to land the trick so for beginners).
- Skate Sneaker shoe size? True to Size not too tight and not too wide.

Best Skate Shoes!

As mentioned in the beginning, we cooperated with our skate shop partner 'BEN-G' and present you here our Top 5 Skate Kickz!

By the way: The models are the same in all the other shops! Only the Colorways could differ. If you still want the pair we chose, just click on the picture, because 'BEN-G' sends 'Worldwide'!

Nike SB Bruin React T

This is a pretty new Nike SB Silhouette and they come with extra cushioning! The sole has the Nike 'React' cushioning! The Colorway is eye catching and belongs to the Nike 'Olympic Pack'! For 99,95€ you can get this kickz!

Summit White Racer Blue
Skate besten Skateschuhen

Vans Old Skool

Most of you already have those skateshoes lying around at home somewhere or your best friends probably have them on right now. These Vans Old Skool are skate shoes, but like all Vans shoes, they have no cushioning. For just 52,50€ you can cop this pair!


Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski OG

Here we have for you a 'standard' skate silhouette again! The skater Stefan Janoski is already sponsored by Nike for a long time! For 85€ you can own the Kickz!


Converse CTAS Pro Hi

The Converse High can now be found more and more often in skate parks. The E-Boy TikTok trend has also made it onto the asphalt… or something. For only 79,95€ these Converse are yours!

Black / White / White

Nike SB Shane

The next 'sponsored by Nike Skate' is Shane O'Neill and here we have his kickz for you! Most of the Nike SB skate shoes do not have cushioning because you have to 'feel' the board while skating. The pair costs you 52,50€. Go for it!

Hope you found what you were looking for! And again! Go to your local skate shop and ask for advice! The people there are extremely nice and chill. Also if you ask what my skate shoe pick is then its for sure Nike SB Nyjah Free 2! My best choice ever!