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Hot to Style your Nike Air Max 720 with ASOS look -for men

April 27, 2020 5:03 PM
Hot to Style your Nike Air Max 720 with ASOS look -for men

Dear boys, your turn now. Last week I promised you a blog about the Nike Air Max 720 in ASOS outfit and of course I won't break it. If you already visited my Nike WMNS Air Max 720 ASOS blog you already know the silhouette with the biggest Air unit. But if you now say: "No, the blog was for women", then that's no problem, because I will also go into more detail about the sneaker and present you three cool outfits in retrospect.

You want to see the shoe for yourself first? Then click on the button below to get directly to the Nike Air Max 720 in our Sneaker Collection: ⬇️

Nike Air Max 720

Let's start today with the upper part of the shoe. The wave design that is visible to us is created by preformed lines that spread out like waves over the entire upper. When it comes to the material, of course it always depends on the sneaker, but it can be said that most models of the Air Max 720 are made of a mixture of textile and synthetics. Often with Nike shoes, a big Swoosh or a Nike logo will attract attention. But not with the 720! Here we only get a small Swoosh on the side - very subtle, but present.

Here you have already a picture to have a closer look at the jewelry. By clicking on the button or the picture, you will get directly to the shoe!


A little tip: If you can't find the right colorway of the shoe for you in our Sneaker Collection or directly at Nike, don't be sad. With Nike ID you can design your shoe directly at Nike in your own color.

But let's continue with the absolute highlight of the shoe: As I already mentioned, the Air Max 720 has the biggest Air unit ever. So it also has the best cushioning from Nike. The Air cushion once extends completely from the heel to the toes and thus offers perfect comfort with every step! It also consists of 75% recycled materials.

The number in the name Air Max 720 also comes from the sole. Now you might ask yourself how this can be done, but it's quite simple: There is only a small arithmetical problem behind it, which I think is also in my head. The cushioning of the sole is visible horizontally at 360 degrees and vertically at 360 degrees. All you have to do is add this up and you get the number 720. That's quite easy, isn't it? A simple name with so much background, some of you have probably already racked your brains over it.

Air Max 720 ASOS sytles

Now I don't want to keep you in suspense any longer and finally start the Nike Air Max 720 ASOS blog. Here are three outfits for different situations in life where you can always wear the Nike Air Max 720. Have fun!

Oh, before I forget: I've often heard that men can only wear the Air Max 720 with a very sporty outfit. Of course the sneaker makes every outfit much more sporty and robust and is therefore not necessarily suitable for a chic evening event. But I can assure you that the sneaker can also be worn on other occasions than just sports.

Always remember: By clicking on the buttons or the pictures you always get to the respective product!

Sporty on tour

Let's start with a sporty outfit anyway, because this is still the most common occasion for wearing this shoe. Here I have chosen a 720 in metallic silver. The sneaker will be the eye-catcher of the whole outfit and looks great in this color. Whether in the gym, at the home workout or just for shopping or walking the dog, this sneaker will carry you through your everyday life.

€40 at ASOS

Combined with the silver sneakers there is a black, woven sweatpants from Nike. This one is very plain and has a white Swoosh on the left leg as the only detail.

€22.50 at ASOS

And in addition there is a black T-shirt, which fits super to this, but also to many other outfits. The only detail here is a white Swoosh, too, but under the label Nike.

Classic and legère

For this very classic outfit there is a real eye-catcher! In terms of color, this is certainly not to everyone's taste, but the sneaker makes quite a difference visually. Classical for me is of course also a pair of jeans. But take a look at the look for yourself and don't just judge by words.


Nike Air Max 720

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The upper comes in a slightly washed out white. In any case, the golden color gradient on the sole is striking. But also the colorful details, like the small orange Swoosh or the wave design give the shoe that certain something.

€54 at ASOS

Matching the sneaker there are ripped jeans in a vintage look. The rips are very striking and give the look an absolute coolness. Perfect for the everyday life!

€100 at ASOS

You can never go wrong with a black hoodie! This one is from Tommy Hilfiger, but if you want to spend less money for the nice look, there are cheaper alternatives at ASOS.

Business is booming

Such a sporty shoe for a business look? Yes, you can wear the Nike Air Max 720 to a meeting or even a lecture. It's important that it is very simple and harmonizes with the outfit. Here comes the business look you would never want to miss again.


I have chosen a very simple white 720 with orange details. So the shoe is an optical eye-catcher, but does not draw the eyes of the others on the shoes! Matching to this, a chic business outfit is added, which will absolutely round off the look.

€26 at ASOS

It comes with checkered, tight cotton pants. With this you are absolutely trendy and enhance your outfit to 100%. Chic, but not uncomfortable - give your jeans a day off!

€31 at ASOS

And of course a shirt should not be missing either. This light grey shirt with button-down collar fits perfectly to the simple, modern business look!

I hope that you could maybe get some inspiration for a cool Nike Air Max 720 ASOS look. But I can also understand if you can't make friends with the 720 model - it's a matter of taste! Just check out our Sneaker Collection, there you can find many more Nike models like the Air Max 270, the Air VaporMax, the Air Max 90, the Air Force or the Air Jordan. And while you're at it, you'll surely find an interesting story in our Newsblog!