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Filling Pieces launches 'Different, Together' campaign

October 27, 2022 9:39 AM
Filling Pieces launches 'Different, Together' campaign

Since its founding in 2009, Amsterdam-based brand Filling Pieces has placed great value on its community. All with the aim of narrowing the gap between backgrounds and cultures. They do this by creating a platform that advocates inclusive expression of identity, culture and design.

Filling Pieces is more than 'just' a shoe brand. Which they show once again in their recently launched campaign 'Different, Together'.

Filling Pieces Different Together
Filling Pieces 'Different, Together' campaign

Filling Pieces

Guillaume Philibert, the founder of Filling Pieces, aimed to create a shoe that bridged the gap between high-end fashion and streetwear. With this idea in mind, the first premium Low Top was born. A sneaker that looks luxurious yet was and is available at a pleasant price. The silhouette is still so popular that to this day it can be bought in different colours.

A talented team of designers in Amsterdam and production teams all across Europe are working daily to produce high-quality products that are durable and suitable for everyone. With this, the range has grown a lot in the years since the launch of the Low Top, with a focus on innovative footwear.

Besides sneakers, boots, loafers, dress shoes and sandals are now available from the Amsterdam-based brand.

Filling Pieces Different Together

Filling Pieces 'Different, Together'

Now more than 10 years later, Filling Pieces is still pushing the boundaries of quality, aesthetics and accessibility.

The company's designers, producers and manufacturers are now highlighted again in the 'Different, Together' campaign. They have called on their own team members to show the connection within Filling Pieces. Some images feature Guillaume Philibert's family, showing that everyone belongs.

Filling Pieces Different Together

Also presented are garments from the brand's latest collection. Including sturdy boots, leather sneakers, tees and varsity jackets in neutral shades such as brown, black and cream. Items that all exude high-end quality.

Filling Pieces Different Together
Filling Pieces Different Together

Filling Pieces says about the campaign:

"For us, 'Different, Together' is a celebration. A recognition that embracing your own differences means celebrating those of others too. That's what connects us. Makes us stronger, wiser, better. It is the foundation on which Filling Pieces is built and what our team takes to heart.'


Filling Pieces strives to constantly push the boundaries of quality, aesthetics and accessibility. This is also reflected in the current collection of kicks.

The collection pays tribute to iconic silhouettes and comes up with innovative ways to enhance the models.

Filling Pieces Different Together


Filling Pieces Different Together

The Amsterdam-based brand has always wanted to design boots that function in all weather conditions. Each design just a little more robust than the other, yet they always look very sophisticated.

The boots are resistant to all situations, rocky paths, and wintry weather. In short; the ideal winter boot.


It does not stop at sneakers and boots, the neat shoes/loafers are definitely not to be missed either.

The shoes are a unique creative outlet for Filling Pieces' design team. They have ensured that luxury looks effortless.

Filling Pieces Different Together


Filling Pieces Different Together

Nothing is complete without a clothing and accessories line. From hoodies to handbags the brand has it all. With this, they aim to take the game to the next level while staying true to their streetwear roots.

We said it before, Filling Pieces is more than just a shoe brand and this is proven once again with their 'Different, Together' campaign. Curious about more? Check out Filling Pieces via the button below. Make sure to also keep an eye on our sneaker news for more stories like this.