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DJ Turne - The Turnover Episode 61

December 3, 2022 4:00 PM

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, The Turnover is back again this week. After unfortunately missing last week, DJ Turne has returned and dropped another banger of a set. You can listen to the whole set with the player below or on our Mixcloud page. Otherwise, you can also check out the video above!

This week we don't have a guest DJ, instead, we have The Turnover resident DJ and host, DJ Turne play us a set. In this episode you’ll here a mix of hip-hop and funky beats. So whether you’re playing a game, working on some stuff or just want to hang out, this set will be perfect for in the background.

The Turnover weekly episodes

Sneakerjagers and DJ Turne bring you a new episode with various guest appearances every now and then. In these episodes, you'll hear many different musical genres so everyone can enjoy them equally. So make sure to tune in every week. You can also check out all of the previous episodes on the Sneakerjagers Mixcloud page. Also, download the renewed Sneakerjagers app here for iOs and Android and win amazing prizes with the ongoing Sneakerjagers Christmas Advent Calendar!