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DJ Murk - The Turnover Episode 58

October 29, 2022 4:00 PM

Welcome back to the newest episode of The Turnover. If you somehow don't know what The Turnover is, it's a weekly DJ show by Sneakerjagers hosted by DJ Turne. Sometimes you'll see amazing sets played by Turne himself and other times you'll see him invite his friends to play some tunes for you. This week he invited Mark Schulte aka DJ Murk!

DJ Murk

DJ Murk is an Amsterdam-based (vinyl) DJ and turntablist. He plays (UK) hip-hop, afrobeat, reggae, funk, old-school hip-hop, future beats, and even drum and bass. He mixes these genres to create unique sounds. DJ Murk is also unique in the way he does this because he doesn't always use a digital turntable but rather one with vinyl and spins the vinyl to create amazing sound effects.

Murk used to be part of a duo called Goodlife Tribe, consisting of him and Bas van Gent as the MC. But he recently decided to leave the group and go solo. Before going solo, the duo was often seen at Waterkant in Amsterdam, entertaining the guests at parties like Hangover and Comfort. They also played at Mysteryland Festival.

The Turnover weekly episodes

Tune in to The Turnover with DJ Turne and friends, DJ Murk on this occasion and forget all your stress and issues and just relax for an hour while listening to the set. The Turnover is a weekly show so don't forget to come back again next week!

In case you missed an episode of The Turnover, click the button below to check out all previous sets or navigate to the 'Watch'-page on the Sneakerjagers website. Also, keep an eye on our Instagram where we always inform you about all our newest content.