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Christmas gifts from Vans - the best for your loved ones

December 15, 2020 9:49 PM
Christmas gifts from Vans - the best for your loved ones

Make it Special! For your parents, for your kids, for your better half, for your friends and for you! That's Vans' motto this year for the Christmas season. To make your Christmas and the time before that as special as possible, Vans has some great offers. For example, you can currently get extra discounts on various products every day. Maybe there is already a gift or two for under the tree in there? That's also what we're talking about today, because we've picked out a selection of the best Christmas gifts from Vans for you.

But if you prefer to visit Vans yourself, you can easily get there by clicking on the button:

Sneaker classics for Christmas

Classics are always a good idea at Christmas - whether it's Christmas films, traditional gifts or sneakers. The Vans Old Skool and the Authentic in their black colorway are among the sneaker classics, and yet these two versions also have something special about them.

For the girls, we have a classic Authentic in black with a platform sole. Not only does it add a special touch to the whole look, it also gives you a few centimetres and visually lengthens your legs.

For the boys, there is then the classic as we know and love it, but it has a special sole with ComfyCush technology, which makes it extra comfortable!

Vans authentic schwarz
Vans Old Skool Schwarz

Let's bring some colour into the game. For another Christmas gift idea, here's one of Vans' popular models for the girls, the Slip-On, in the typical Checkerboard pattern! Retro and totally hip.

For the boys, we picked out a SK8-Hi in a multi-coloured colorway with a design especially for winter. Of course, both sneakers are available in all sizes, so it's up to you who you want to give them to!


Apparel for under the tree

Of course, not only sneakers are a great Christmas gift. Vans also has some apparel pieces, great for a relaxed Christmas, for winter in general, or when the home office continues in January!

For the girls we picked out a short cut hoodie, which with its colours is also perfect for Christmas.

For the boys, a chic sweatshirt with a light retro touch and large logo print! A great gift.

The pictures will take you straight to your favourite Vans piece!


Little things and Secret Santa ideas

If you're looking for a little something or the right Secret Santa gift, you'll get your money's worth here.

When the kids are hopefully allowed back to school next year, the right appearance should not be missing! We have a new case and a backpack on offer for this purpose. The items are of course also suitable for university or other trips:



A wallet for Christmas is always a good idea! This simple model has therefore also made it into our selection of the best Christmas gifts from Vans.

A new hat is also a practical and stylish gift this season. The colour and cut of this model are totally on trend!


These were our top 10 Christmas gifts from Vans. Did you find anything? If not, it's worth taking another look at Vans, dear community. They have also a gift guide for you, so you're sure to find the right gift for your loved ones. >> Click here to go directly to Vans

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