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Choose your Vegan style with Nae-Vegan

November 10, 2020 12:39 PM
Choose your Vegan style with Nae-Vegan

Nae-Vegan (No Animal Exploitation) are a Portugal-based vegan footwear brand that hold the philosophy of a fair and animal-friendly alternative that respects the environment. They focus not only on the natural and ecological materials they use in their products, but on the design, style and quality already recognised in Portuguese footwear.

Nae-Vegan create modern products with a design for everyday use. Manufactured only in certified factories in Portugal, where employees are respected and no product that is either animal in origin or damages the environment is used, natural materials are worked with to create their footwear. Such as Piñatex, Organic cotton, Cork, PET and Vegan Leather.

Piñatex is a natural fabric from pineapple leaf fibres. The leaves come from pineapple harvests, with any unused fibres redistributed as fertiliser.

Organic cotton is grown from natural seeds and without the use of pesticides. Irrigated with 80% rainwater and harvested from fields that are regularly rotated (rather than constantly re-sewn), it’s a way to dress yourself responsibly.

Cork is harvested from Cork Oak trees and is 100% sustainable. It’s waterproof, hypoallergenic, and soft to the touch, making it a perfect material to use in footwear.

PET, while still a plastic, is very recyclable. When broken down, it can be recycled into clothing, accessories, and of course shoes!

Vegan leather is a luxurious material made from a mix of microfibres. Included here are cotton, polyester, and nylon, which helps to save billions of animals each year.

Vegan sneakers and more

One of our favourites of the Nae range is the Reclaim Black Low Top. This one you can see below, made with a recycled PET upper. Featuring a faded-effect recycling logo on the side, they’re lined with 100% organic cotton, and are designed with a 100% natural rubber vulcanized sole, cotton laces and nickel-free eyelets – and they’re so comfortable!

Since all Nae’s products consists from ecological, sustainable, and recycled materials, you can enjoy being environmentally friendly while not compromising on style. Shop their full range here.

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