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New Nike By You Air Force 1 High options

August 31, 2022 10:10 AM
New Nike By You Air Force 1 High options

Nike has added a new silhouette to its By You collection: the Nike Air Force 1 High. Several models were already customizable in the program. Now you can also let your creativity loose on the Air Force 1 High. With the program you can customize the sneaker completely, so it fits your taste perfectly. For example, you can change the colour and material of the overlays or the colour of the midsole.

With Nike By You, you are the designer.

Nike Air Force 1 High By You – DV2277-991

The Nike Air Force 1 is one of the most iconic sneakers in the sneaker world, it is a classic known for its versatile style, comfortable fit and wide range of colorways. Now there is the option to design your own colorway.

The sneaker is fully customisable and allows you to be as expressive as you want. Choose between an original Swoosh or a crystal-inspired Swoosh. You can add metallic finishes and even a speckled pattern on the midsole. For a little extra spice, choose different colours for the outsoles. Complete the design with an 11-character message to tell a story.

How do you customise the Air Force 1 High By You?

Since there are quite a few possibilities, we have put together a few designs for inspiration. Check them out below!

To start with, you can choose classic leather or suede on the base and overlays. The sneaker on the right uses leather on the entire design in different colours. To bring contrast to the pair, the laces, Swoosh and strap accessories have been given a black colour.

Nike Air Force 1 High Unlocked By You
Nike Air Force 1 High Unlocked By You

As mentioned before, you can choose between leather and suede. The pair on the left clearly shows this combination. It also has metallic details, like the Swoosh and the strap accessories. Another notable detail is the speckled midsole and the ice outsole.

Not only can the Swoosh be given a metallic colour, you can also opt for a crystal-inspired Swoosh. Here on the right you can see an example of this design. Again, the upper is made from leather and the outsole matches the toebox, 'AIR' branding on the midsole, tongue, laces and heel.

Nike Air Force 1 High Unlocked By You
Nike Air Force 1 High Unlocked By You

Of course, there is also the possibility of using different colours for different elements. As you can see here on the left. The outsoles and Swooshes have been given a different colour on the left pair than on the right. This gives a cool look to the design. Also, on this pair, the colours are mainly on the back and the front remains fairly neutral.

Let's get started!

Hopefully we have given you some inspiration to get started! Click on the button below and let your creativity loose on the Nike Air Force 1 High. You can purchase your design on 30 August 2022 at 18:00. Prefer another model? Check out the Nike By You page on the Nike website. Here you can see a lot of other silhouettes to personalise, like the Air Max 90.

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