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Asphaltgold Darmstadt - Heat from Hessen 🔥

December 8, 2020 9:01 AM
Asphaltgold Darmstadt - Heat from Hessen 🔥

What's good Community, normally we present you sales or upcoming releases, but not in this blog post. Here we present you our friends from Darmstadt, Asphaltgold Darmstadt.

So first the basics away from the front. Asphaltgold, comes from Darmstadt in Hesse and is one of, if not the most famous sneaker store in Germany. But the store does not only convince with the amount of sneakers they offer, but also with the quality, because what the store offers is straight heat. You can be sure that you will find every hyped release, no matter if it is on Jordan, Yeezy, Dunk or Air Max, at Asphaltgold in Raffle. And in addition, they know how to take awesome shots of all the kicks:

Air Jordan 1
Asphaltgold Darmstadt
Asphaltgold Darmstadt

But what we think is best is what Asphaltgold does outside of selling shoes. Because the store from Darmstadt also takes extreme care of their community. Whether through interesting Instagram Content or through their mega Black Friday campaign.

If you don't know, you might think that Asphaltgold has just made a mega sale. But the boys and girls did the exact opposite. Because on Black Friday the online store was closed and also in the Asphaltgold store in Darmstadt only one product was sold. Which was in no way reduced. So actually the exact opposite of a classic Black Friday. No sneaker or designer shirt was sold, with which the store could have made good money, but just a very simple T-shirt, but with an important message.

We all walk the same earth!

Asphaltgold Darmstadt

The shirts are an anti-racism campaign, which in itself is an outstanding action, but on a day when the store could otherwise have made a lot of money, the #thecrew and therefore now 👏👏.

But that's not all, because in addition to this unique campaign, Asphaltgold is continuously doing good for our planet and the community with its Heat for Need programme, which supports various projects. Currently the store supports the relief organisation MISEREOR, which cares for the rainforest around the Amazon. If you are interested, then you have to be on site at the store and you can do a lot. You can find more information about this here. Once again, let's hear it for 👏 👏 for the whole action.

If you want to know what makes the store ticks, take a look at the interview we did with Daniel Benz, the CEO of Asphaltgold.

Do you like what the store does? Then you can visit them via the link here or take a look at our advent calendar. Because there you can win some very cool items from the store today, good luck.