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Adilette - the cool way to style the summer trend for men

May 19, 2020 6:02 PM
Adilette - the cool way to style the summer trend for men

Boys, take your adilettes out, summer's coming. The famous adidas bathing slippers have long since taken their image from their camping, Mallorca, football and tennis socks and are now a popular and fashionable street style companion! That's why we are showing you a selection of the Adilette for men today, which you should not be missing because they are this summer's trend! And another reason: Camping, Mallorca, football and tennis socks! You feel me, bro??

The classic one

Let's start with the absolute classic, which still goes down best with you guys this summer! Whether in black with white, or in white with black - the Adilette is your companion this year. We all agree: On the beach, in everyday life, casual, sporty or even chic - the practical all-rounder adapts to every situation and is still very trendy. If you still need one of the classic colorways in your wardrobe, you have the chance here:


The trend red and white

Also the red Adilette is much seen on the streets of this world. After the soccer game, in summer at the beaches, or even a little less clichéd simply at the lake or even in the office. Today there are no more limits for the Adilette in terms of style. But classic for jogging and casual in her free time, she still stays true to her roots and convinces here as well. Quickly get a beer, go shopping, just go over to the barbecue party … well, do you hear the summer already?


Chick on tour

And the Adilette for men can do more: If you prefer it a little more chic but just as stylish, this grey look is the right choice. The Adilette is also perfect with shorts, jeans or even chic trousers. As you can see, in summer you only need this one 'sneaker' and you are ready for anything. The good thing about it, the slippers are also really comfortable. The technology in the sole and the comfortably fitting strap will carry you through the day in a casual and relaxed way.

CG6435 04 Standard
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Stay home

At the moment we are forced to spend a lot of time at home and even there your favourite Adilette won't let you down. While you have to leave your beloved sneakers in the closet at home office or while chilling, your Adilette is still there for you. Comfortably on the couch on Sundays, barbecuing in the garden or on the balcony, even in the home gym or while chilling with the dog, this blue Adilette is your faithful buddy (attention: the shade of blue is a little bit different than the one on the Instagram post, but you get an impression ?). And it is also fitting that blue will be one of the trend colors this summer.


The Adilette - the summer trend

How you find the look is up to you, but also your girls can dress up with the Adilette. If you don't believe that, take a look at our Adilette trend blog for women and see how the slippers work with your dress! But back to the topic: This yellow style brings you a real eye-catcher that makes every style a bit cooler! Something different from the classics and just as trendy. Click on the link to get a selection of the style:

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That's it, our selection of trend Adilette for men! Have you found something? For more colorways check out the button below! Summer evenings, beer and good vibes can come:

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