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adidas ZX Sneaker Men: Have a treat too!

May 12, 2020 5:46 PM
adidas ZX Sneaker Men: Have a treat too!

This "adidas ZX Sneaker Men" blog is dedicated to the adidas ZX silhouette. So there is no Stan Smith or Continental 80 in this blog!

By the way: Have you heard about the adidas "Football at Home" Sale? There's a coupon code there that can be redeemed several times… or something. That reminds me, take a look at Josy's first-class blog 'adidas Action: Football at Home' to find out more!

adidas ZX 10,000 C

All new: For the adidas fan who always wants the latest product or in this case the latest model, we have the adidas ZX 10,000 C for £99.95! Click on the picture to coop the shoe.

By the way: Do you want to know more about the sneaker? Then read Kev's nice blog: 'adidas ZX 10000 C: Cool background and new colorway'! Try it on the Boi!


adidas ZX 4000 4D

Old but nice: The ZX 4000 4D 'I Want', which was released last year, can now be copped for £169.95! The sneaker says it all, treat yourself to this nice pair now - just click on the picture below and off you go!


adidas ZX Torsion

The eye-catcher: You want to stand out more? Then we have a ZX Torsion Bar for you here in aqua and neon shades! Eye-catching and comfy at the same time? For only £99.95 this gem is yours! All you have to do is click on the picture below!


adidas ZX 8000

Clean Grey & Off-White: For those who don't want to attract attention right away and want to dare more, we don't have a ZX Flux here but an adidas ZX 8000! It is not a simple white sneaker, but the shoe can be easily combined like a white sneaker. The sneaker is yours for only £89.95! Just click on the picture below!


adidas ZX 750 HD

Outer space: If you want a 'spacy' sneaker, you should take a closer look at this shoe! The adidas ZX 750 HD not only looks like a special sneaker with its futuristic details, but also resembles a spaceship! This sneaker is featured in this 'ZX' blog for only £59.95! Be quick, because this 'spacy' sneaker will take off soon! Click on the picture below before the sneaker takes off again!


That's it for the adidas ZX Sneaker Men blog. Hope you found what you were looking for, otherwise have a look at our 'Sneaker Collection'! Until then, ciao and treat yourself to something nice!