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adidas ZX 10000 C: Cool background and new colorway

April 14, 2020 5:06 PM
adidas ZX 10000 C: Cool background and new colorway

Today, we will be devoting ourselves entirely to a proud adidas product - the ZX 10000 C. "The brand with the three stripes" has always been convincing with its retro runners and has won new fans in recent years through new editions. This was also the case with the ZX 10000 C. However, it defines a silhouette which in fact only took off at the beginning of 2019. However, it gives us the feeling of having been catapulted back into the 80s and 90s. Look forward to interesting information about the retro silhouette in this blog. Which new products are available for sale at the moment? And what are all the hieroglyphs in his name supposed to mean? Don't be afraid, I'll explain all that to you. Let's go!

adidas ZX

1984: A year which describes a series of important technological breakthroughs. The year in which the first Apple computer, the Macintosh, the first CD-ROM and the first laser printer came onto the market. As part of this era, adidas began an innovative programm that would run for five years. It was also to live on beyond that to this day - the adidas ZX series. A collection of running shoes designed for runners of all types. From cross-country runners to street joggers to marathon runners. They should all find their solution in the ZX running shoe collection.

The adidas ZX series was carefully adapted and designed over the 5 years from 1984 onwards. Here, the different silhouettes were differentiated, each with subtle differences and nuances to make the shoe better fit a particular type of runner. With a little less or more padding in one area and a little more or less cushioning in another area, a shoe could take on a new function and suitability. The development of the patented Torsion and Soft Cell technology played a major role here.

The last icons of this huge project were the adidas ZX 8000 and the adidas ZX 9000. A running shoe for long-distance races that combined a perfect fit with lightness and Torsion Cushioning technology. And the sneakers are also more than popular in street style.

Let me introduce: The adidas ZX 10000 C and a new colorway

2019: The ZX range has been extended by another, completely new silhouette. Keyword: adidas ZX 10000 C.

In early 2019, adidas brought original ZX designer Jacques Chassaing back on board and released the ZX 10000 C. As the successor to the ZX 9000, Chassaing reaffirmed his revolutionary approach to running shoes with this new silhouette. Here he remained true to the aesthetics and technologies of the time. Now adidas is following suit and cementing the ZX legacy with a beautiful new colorway!

adidas ZX 10000 C 'Yellow Tint'


With this sneaker, the popular sneaker brand from Herzogenaurach, presents us with a colorway that. The new adidas ZX 10000 C 'Yellow Tint' adds another colorful model to the rather new silhouette. Here, the ZX 10000 C offers us a look that is convincing in various shades of yellow and shows the retro vibes well.

The upper here is made of a green-yellowish, flexible nylon and shines through different overlays of mesh, smooth leather and suede. The black mesh, with the Torsion logo on it, is a real highlight on the adidas ZX 10000 C 'Yellow Tint' in addition to the beige leather overlays. Thanks to the adidas Torsion Cushioning technology, this silhouette not only offers a great design: "Running like on clouds" - that's what the fans say about the wearing comfort of this silhouette. But since unfortunately it's not always the inner values that count, you can find more pictures of the shoe below.

You like the adidas ZX 10000 C 'Yellow Tint'? Good news: Click on the button underneath here and treat yourself to the good stuff right away. ?


As I said, most of the large sizes are unfortunately already sold out - recently it got restocked again! So far this is the case with every ZX 10000 release, because the silhouette has already won many fans and was sold out quickly. So next time be quicker and follow us on Instagram, so you can be the first to know about the latest releases and have better luck next time! ?