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adidas action: Football at home

May 10, 2020 10:16 AM
adidas action: Football at home

Hello friends of the sun! ☀️ Or should I rather say friends of the cultivated short pass game? ⚽ Because soon it's finally time again! Soccer will finally start again! So take a look at your adidas Watches and be curious. Are you as excited as I am? ? I certainly hope so! And just in time for the start of soccer, adidas has a really cool promotion for you: With adidas football at home you can save 30% on a purchase of 3 items! All you have to do is enter the code FOOTBALL30 at the checkout. That way you can quickly turn your home into your own stadium. (This offer is limited in time.)

You don't have to wait long and you want to go directly to the products from the promotion? Then use the button below to go directly to the adidas football at home campaign:

For all the others, I have now put together a small selection of products that you can save a lot of money on! ?

adidas Juventus Turin Home Jersey

To feel once like Christiano Ronaldo? With this jersey it won't be a problem. Juventus Turin has been playing at the top of the Italian league for some time now. This year's home jersey is very simple, in black and white. There's also a small red accent in the form of a longitudinal stripe. The jersey is even on sale and currently costs only €63. But remember, if you buy 3 articles you get 30% more on top!

Click on the picture to get directly to the jersey.


Apropos: Jerseys are of course available for women, men and children!

adidas Z.N.E. Jogging Pants

There are also plenty of jogging pants in the football at home section. This jogger is black and has white details on the outside of the legs. With the narrow cut you get a nice leg shape even in a pair of jogging pants. The pockets with zipper are always very important to me! For €80 these pants definitely have a lot to offer. You can not only go to football training with them, but also let the couch potato hang out.

Click on the picture to get directly to the pants.


adidas Samba OG Sneaker

Of course there are also products for women! Like for example these chic sneakers. The adidas Samba has its origins in football and made its debut in 1950, since when it has been an integral part of the adidas football collection. The classic has a leather upper. It comes with a slightly darker suede at the toes and therefore takes you very comfortably from A to B. With its green details the shoe is a real eye-catcher. The price is €90 but if you buy 3 articles you save 30% with the code FOOTBALL30!

Click on the picture to get directly to the shoe.


adidas GMR Pack

The adidas GMR insole links real football with the world of virtual football. In any case, this is how today's football is revolutionized. I think that such a sole, with a chip that tracks everything, will soon become the standard equipment of every footballer. Unfortunately not yet, but you can get the sole including chip for €35 here! And there goes another 30% down.

Click on the picture to get the GMR Pack.


adidas Super Sala Football Shoe

Last but not least, we have something for the children from the adidas football section at home. What can't be missing in football? Right, the matching football shoe. This indoor shoe has a sturdy toe cap, so there's durability here. It also has a mesh upper for quick movements. The price is €45. But with the code FOOTBALL30 you save an additional 30% on a purchase of 3 articles.

With a click on the picture you get directly to the shoe.


Dear fans of the grass ball sport, that's it for the little inspiration. I hope you are motivated to finally kick against the round piece of leather again. But if you still haven't found anything yet, click on the button below to go back to the adidas football at home section: