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Introducing the Vans Slip-On

Introduced in 1977, the Vans Classic Slip-On quickly became the preferred choice for durable footwear in extreme sports, leveraging Vans' decade of expertise. Founder Paul Van Doran's vision focused on enhancing board-feel, grip, and durability, turning the brand into a global phenomenon. 

Inspired by boat shoes, the Slip-On's timeless design, crafted from 18 pieces, epitomises Vans' style and versatility. Featuring patterns like Checkerboard and collaborations, Vans showcases its commitment to innovation, complemented by technologies such as ComfyCush™ and Duracap® for tailored performance in materials ranging from Canvas to Leather.

Nicole McLaughlin's Eco-Chic collaboration

Nicole McLaughlin, known for her innovative upcycling projects, has teamed up with Vault by Vans for an exclusive collaboration inspired by gardening and workwear. With a focus on sustainability, McLaughlin transforms the classic Vans Slip-On VP VR3 LX silhouette by incorporating responsibly sourced materials and upcycled elements.

The resulting shoes feature pockets inspired by gardening totes and workwear bucket bags, offered in two distinct colorways: "White/Green" and "Brown/Grey." Crafted with organic cotton canvas uppers and 50% recycled polyester bindings, these shoes also boast Vans' eco-friendly bio-based foam and a VR3 Waffle™ outsole made from 60% responsibly sourced natural rubber.

Vans Slip-On Checkerboard Print 

One of the world's most iconic and instantly-recognisable prints

The Vans checkerboard print is globally renowned as one of the most iconic designs. Originating from the Slip-On style #48, Steve Van Doren, son of Paul, noticed skateboarders colouring their shoes' midsoles in a checkerboard pattern. He expanded on this concept by incorporating the pattern onto the Slip-Ons' canvas upper, giving birth to the famous design.

Concurrently, during the rise of Britain's 'two-tone' ska music movement, bands like The Specials used the checkerboard pattern to symbolise racial unity. This cultural resonance propelled the Vans checkerboard Slip-On to become a favourite among fans of the subculture.