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Sneaker Sizing Guide

Know your size: Vans sizing guide

April 9, 2023 7:07 PM
Know your size: Vans sizing guide

Vans has been a well-known brand for countless years, especially when it comes to skateboarding. Models such as the Vans Old Skool, SK8-Hi, Classic Slip-On, Authentic, or Half Cab have become classics and beloved by many. If you're looking to score a new pair of Vans sneakers soon, check out which size you should get here. Let's start with the Vans Sizing Guide!

The history of Vans

Let's begin with the basics. Vans was founded on March 16, 1966, by brothers Paul and Jim Van Doren. Together with business partners Gordon Lee and Serge Delia, the four founded the "Van Doren Rubber Company" in Anaheim, California.

In the 1970s, to be precise in 1977, Paul Van Doren released the legendary Vans Old Skool. The model was formerly known as Vans Style 36, a model that was quickly worn by most American skateboarders. The sneaker was soon adopted by the street style community as well.

Here you can get a picture of the Vans Old Skool if you are not familiar with the silhouette:

How do you determine your own shoe size?

First of all, it is important to determine your own shoe size. If you order sneakers online, it is not as easy as when you go to a shoe store and can try on the shoes on the spot. How annoying would it be if you ordered Vans but they don't fit?

You will need: 2 sheets of paper (DIN A4), 1 pencil (sharpened), and a ruler.

Measure your shoe size as follows:

Take a sheet of paper and a pencil. Choose a wall or a door frame where you can stand upright and put your heels against it. It is best to wear the same pair of socks that you would wear in your new Vans.

Now place the sheet of paper under your feet, you can also fix the sheet with tape in case your weight doesn't hold the paper well. Stand upright with your heels against the wall and start tracing your foot with the pencil. If this is too difficult for you, someone can help you.

Once you have a nice outline, you can start measuring. Take the ruler and measure the distance from the heel to the tip of your big toe. Write down the result in centimeters.

You should repeat the process for both feet. Almost everyone has two different foot sizes and even millimeters can make a difference.

Vans Sizing Guide

This size chart is about the Vans Old Skool, SK8-Hi, Classic Slip-on, Vans Authentic, Vans Era, Vans Half Cab, and Vans SK8-Mid. Even if you know your own size, the sneakers sometimes differ in fit. Also, note that there are extra models and fits for women.

Do you want to know if any of the sneakers on the list are still available? Then click on the respective sneaker and you will be directed straight to it.

Vans Old Skool

The Vans Old Skool runs quite large, therefore we recommend half or even a full size smaller.

Conclusion: runs large

Vans Sizing Guide

Vans SK8-Hi

The Vans SK8-Hi also runs quite large. Therefore, we recommend a half to a full size smaller.

Conclusion: runs large

Vans Sizing Guide

Vans Classic Slip-On

The Vans Classic Slip-On fits snugly compared to other Vans sneakers. This is because the sneaker has no laces. However, the Slip-On quickly adapts to your foot, although the sneakers may feel a bit narrow at first.

Conclusion: true to size

Vans Sizing Guide

Vans Authentic

The Vans Authentic is true to size. So if you wear size 39, we recommend ordering size 39.

Conclusion: true to size

Vans Sizing Guide

Vans Era

The Vans Era fits true to size. The Era has a slightly thicker padding around the collar, which makes it fit tighter - as it should for a skate shoe. If you wear the sneaker more for daily use, you could choose a half size larger.

Conclusion: true to size / half size larger

Vans Sizing Guide

Vans Half Cab

The Vans Half Cab is true to size. The sneaker has extra cushioning for your feet.

Conclusion: true to size

Vans Sizing Guide

Vans SK8-Mid

The Vans SK8-Hi runs quite large. We recommend a half to a full size smaller.

Conclusion: half/full size smaller

Vans Sizing Guide

That's it for our Vans Sizing Guide. If you're not quite sure which size is best for you with other sneakers, you can check out our other Sizing Guides.