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Introducing the Nike Blazer

The Blazer, one of Nike's oldest sneaker models, is a classic mid-cut silhouette worn for everything from skateboarding to casual streetwear. It has been used in some of the most exciting collaborations despite its simplicity.

The Nike Blazer Technology

Since its introduction in 1973 as a basketball sneaker, the Nike Blazer has been embraced by a variety of industries, including skateboarding and luxury. One of the most technologically advanced sneakers for basketball at the time, it was created by sticking a Swoosh logo on a plain white high sneaker. It has a leather upper, mesh nylon tongue, and a rubber sole with textured vulcanisation.

Skaters favored the Blazer for its rubber sole and hard-wearing and durable suede and leather upper, which helped them stay on their skateboards. Nike introduced the Nike SB Blazer specifically for skaters in the mid-'00s. In 2005, Nike collaborated with pro skater Lance Mountain to release the first model. Featuring a padded collar and cushioned insoles, the shoe is designed with Zoom Air technology.

Collaborations took the sneaker to new heights. The Blazer was brought back into the spotlight in 2003 by urban artist Futura 2000, who created a modified version of it and released only 1,000 pairs.

Furthermore, Comme Des Garçons and Virgil Abloh's Off-White collaborated on the Blazer in 2013, which only contributed to the model's popularity.

Did you know?

Nike named the Blazer after the regional NBA team, the 'Portland Trail Blazers'.