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New at Nike: wrist bags inspired by classic sneaker designs

May 21, 2024 2:17 PM
New at Nike: wrist bags inspired by classic sneaker designs

Are you also a fan of Nike and especially classic sneaker models like the Blazer and Cortez? So are we, dear community! Good news: Recently, the Swoosh Brand released new wrist bags inspired by these iconic sneakers. So now you can also wear the style of your favourite shoes as an accessory.

Hugely convenient when you are walking around town, for example, and only need your most important things. No heavy bag around your shoulder, just a handy Nike wrist bag that is just big enough for your phone and other essentials. Moreover, the new bags feature multiple useful inner pockets. Ideal for keeping your money and cards safe!

We have listed some of our favourite Nike wrist bag designs for you below, dear community. Better don't wait too long, because the items are very popular!

Nike Icon Blazer polstasje

And with summer just around the corner, we fully understand that you might be looking for even more handy bags for all the things you need. Think tote bags and crossbody bags, for example, or maybe a useful backpack? These styles are not only stylisch but also handy for a day at the beach, a summer stroll or whatever adventure you are planning.

To give you some extra inspiration, besides the new Nike wrist bags, we've also made a small selection of some other popular bags. No doubt you can put these to good use this summer!

Via the button below, you can easily go to the Nike website and discover the full range of practical and stylish bags for the upcoming season!

For more inspiration around sneakers and street style, we recommend checking out our Instagram channel, dear community!