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Sneakerjagers Kick or Treat Halloween giveaway 2023

November 1, 2023 10:56 AM
Sneakerjagers Kick or Treat Halloween giveaway 2023

Especially for Halloween, Sneakerjagers is coming up with the Kick or Treat giveaway! Leading up to Halloween on October 31, 2023, you can enter via the Sneakerjagers app for a chance to win prizes like a Nike gift card, exclusive Sneakerjagers socks and much more. Read more about the Sneakerjagers Kick or Treat campaign here.

Sneakerjagers Kick or Treat

Spooky season has begun! The month of October is all about Halloween, the spookiest day of the year. From October 25, 08:00 am to October 31, 2023, 11:59 pm, you have a chance to win various prizes every day. You can participate via the Sneakerjagers app. Check here how you can participate.

In the Sneakerjagers app, you will find a Ghost Trap known from the movie classic 'Ghostbusters' each day. Click on the trap and see what you caught! There are three options: Kick, Treat, or a Ghost. If a Kick appears on your screen, you have a chance to win a Nike gift card worth €150 and a pair of exclusive Sneakerjagers socks. The gift card will be raffled off among other app users who also received a Kick in their app.

Does a Treat appear on your screen, congratulations! You've got a chance to win exclusive Sneakerjagers socks for some "Heat on your feet" or a Nike gift card worth €20. If a Ghost appears on your screen, unfortunately, you didn't win anything that day. Luckily, you can enter again the following day and who knows, you might win one of the prizes!

  • follow @sneakerjagers on Instagram
  • Download the Sneakerjagers app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  • Create an account
  • Click on the promotion banner in the app
  • Click on the Ghost Trap and take a look at your prize!

View the terms and conditions of the Sneakerjagers Kick or Treat promotion here.


Winners will be notified via email of their prize won. In addition, winners will be announced daily in this article. The prizes of the Sneakerjagers Kick or Treat campaign are made possible by Nike. Follow Sneakerjagers on Instagram and keep an eye on the account for more updates around the giveaway!

Winners 31 October 2023

This was it, the last day of the Sneakerjagers Kick or Treat giveaway. With that, the winners of 31 October 2023 are also known! As the fog spread around the prizes, the lucky winners went home with terrifying gift cards and exclusive socks. Congratulations to all the winners for winning this spooky contest.

We want to thank everyone who participated in the promotion, keep following us for all the news around the sneaker world and more giveaways like this one!

Kick winner

  • Tristan Simons

Treat winners

Exclusive Sneakerjagers socks

  • Baz (@b_sneakerz)
  • Danique (@Mysneakerfam)
  • Jürgen van der Werf
  • Sam Weima
  • Max Rave

Nike gift card

  • Suzanne Haanen
  • Thomas Haringa
  • Melanie (@melanie_lunshof20)
  • Tim Swaen
  • Djoy (@Djoy.diekema)

Check all winners by day below in this article.

Nike Halloween

In case you want some inspiration for your Halloween outfit, take a look at the current Nike collection. Here you will find sneakers, clothing, and accessories in the Halloween theme. Check out a few items from the collection below and get spooky!

Nike By You

With the Nike By You option, you have the opportunity to create a sneaker that suits you perfectly. Design a shoe that complements your outfit and make it as spooky as you like.

Green Nike sneakers

Black Nike sneakers

Orange Nike sneakers

All winners

Kick winner 25

  • Menno Broeders

Treat winners 25

Exclusive Sneakerjagers socks

  • Melissa (@snkrsmel)
  • Kimberley Michiels
  • Linda (@lizzycherry77)
  • Virgil Bimmermann
  • Ruud (@ruud_relou)

Nike gift card

  • Patrick van Dam
  • Johnny Jansen
  • Constance van der Tol
  • Ron Huizenga
  • Jurgen Straub

Kick winner 26

  • Vera Langeslag

Treat winner 26

Exclusive Sneakerjagers socks

  • Estelle van der Steen
  • Alain Caral
  • Bas Bionda
  • Kees Merks
  • Stephanie (@stephanieleeuw17)

Nike gift card

  • Sascha Jolink
  • Dorus Clement
  • Merijn van den Oever
  • Danceney (@ms_doma)
  • Jesper (@j.kwint)

Kick winner 27

  • Joska Duipmans

Treat winners 27

Exclusive Sneakerjagers socks

  • Alexander (@britcore)
  • Ebe Delagrange
  • Jansje (@sneaker.odt)
  • Niels den Breems
  • Lisa Meems

Nike gift card

  • Andrew Buize
  • Ivan Mochan
  • Marcel Jacobs
  • Elias Beck
  • Linze van der Meer

Kick winner 28

  • Leonard Phelipa

Treat winners 28

Exclusive Sneakerjagers socks

  • Steven Platvoet
  • Arne Evermann
  • Jeroen Bosz
  • Inger Eijbergen
  • Rianne Brouwer

Nike gift card

  • Michel frankel
  • Tijs (@tieske_1984)
  • Stefan Bouhuys
  • Trevor van camp
  • Armand Wentink

Kick winner 29

  • Nick Slokker

Treat winners 29

Exclusive Sneakerjagers socks

  • Guus Haasters
  • Raymond (@sneaker.rac)
  • Dewi (@dewihartevelt)
  • Karsten van Hoeven
  • Mara Reijnen

Nike gift card

  • Joost (@jahoimetjoost)
  • Faizel (@f1zzzle)
  • Zairaeh Tempelaars
  • Maurene van Houten
  • Eelco Akker

Kick winner 30

  • Pasquinel Hatumena

Treat winners 30

Exclusive Sneakerjagers socks

  • Jochem (@sole_junky)
  • Choi Lee
  • Timmy Boshoven
  • Gabriella (@xgabrriella)
  • Kirsten (@birdsandskulls)

Nike gift card

  • Dion (@dion.goossens)
  • Marloes (@earlyreleasesneakers)
  • Rick Nusselder
  • Niels (@life.of.niels)
  • Lindsay (@lindsaylamers)

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