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éS Sneakers

éS was launched in 1995 and sponsored a skateboarding team including professional skateboarders John Rattray, Sal Barbier, Tom Penny, Chad Muska, Eric Koston and Paul Rodriguez. They quickly built up a reputation for progressive skateboarding and advanced shoe designs, starting with the Accel, Sal 23 and SLB.

They built up an impressive list of ‘firsts’ in the skater world – for example, the Koston1 model debuted in 1997 and was the first skate shoe with an air system, and the Koston2 in 1998 was the first skate shoe with EVA. éS was also the first ever shoe company to make a video. ‘Menikmati’ was released in 2000 and is still highly regarded.

After a hiatus in mid-2012, éS returned in 2014 with a special edition run of shoes distributed to certain skate shops.

Part of Sole Technology Inc, alongside Emerica and Etnies, éS produces top-quality footwear and clothing for skateboarders but also for casual wearers.

Do éS sneakers fit true to size?

Generally, éS sneakers do run true to size.