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Virgil Abloh to release 50 different Off-White x Nike Dunks this year

June 17, 2021 9:00 AM
Virgil Abloh to release 50 different Off-White x Nike Dunks this year

It is true: there will be 50 different Off-White x Nike Dunks in 2021. On social media the rumours have often been about 'The 50', but this collection will be called 'Dear Summer'.

Off-White x Nike

Off-White and Nike have had many collaborations in recent years. In 2017, the two brands came up with 'The Ten', which reimagined 10 different silhouettes. The first collection did not yet feature a Dunk. After 'The Ten', several collabs followed. They released several Air Force 1's, Blazer Mid's, Waffle Racer's, VaporMax's and Rubber Dunks together.

In 2019, the two came out with Nike Dunk Low's in three colorways. What stood out about this model was that it was different. The base of the sneaker was premium leather, which is what we are used to from the Dunk. The tongue, on the other hand, was made of exposed foam. On the upper, there were extra laces in a different colour than the usual laces. The laces read "SHOELACES", which is Off-White's signature.

Also on the laces was the famous tag of Abloh's brand. On the inside of the sneaker, it looked like the Off-White logo was stamped on it. The Off-White x Nike Dunk Low came out in a Red, Pine Green and Navy/Yellow colorway. Missed them? Shop them below.

The 'Dream Summer' Collection by Off-White and Nike

It is confirmed. The 'Dream Summer' collection consists of 50 Off-White x Nike Dunk Low's. The '01/50' and '50/50' differ from the other 48. The '01' is a white dunk with a yellowed sole, a silver Swoosh and a red/pink tag under the Swoosh. The upper laces are also in white. The heel of the sneaker reads '01 of 50' in white with cream.

The 50 Dunk Low is completely in black. The regular laces are in white and the silver Swoosh also returns on this version. The tag under the Swoosh and on the heel are in purple. The Off-White label that always hangs on the sneakers is also in black. On the tongues of the shoes are large round holes that hint at the identity of Off-White.

Off-White x Nike Dunk Low 01/50
Off-White x Nike Dunk Low 50/50

The 48 that remain are all somewhat similar. The base of the sneaker looks like the Nike Dunk Low 'Photon Dust', However, the grey is darker on the upcoming releases. Per 10, it differs whether the white areas are leather or canvas and whether the grey areas are leather or suede.

The 48 Dunks differ from each other by the colours on the details. Each shoe has been assigned a different colour for the tongue, the tiewrap and the insole. The colours of the upper laces and of the tag under the Swoosh differ again. There are also holes in the tongue of these Dunks. Take a look below at the 50 colorways that are planned.

Off-White x Nike Dunk Low 01-10
Off-White x Nike Dunk Low 11-20
Dear Summer 21-30
Dear Summer 31-40

The Off-White x Nike 'Dear Summer' collection will be released on 9 August 2021, SNKRS Day. Keep an eye on the release calendar if you don't want to miss out!