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UPDATE | Off-White x Nike Rubber Dunk

June 27, 2020 11:30 AM
UPDATE | Off-White x Nike Rubber Dunk

[Update: 27. June 2020] Off-White Creator Virgil Abloh gets another silhouette pressed into his hand by Nike and out of it the Off-White x Nike Rubber Dunk collab was born!

Virgil drops with Nike not just one shoe, as you would expect from him, but a whole pack! Yeah, you heard me. There's gonna be an Off-White x Nike Rubber Dunk pack! The Air Rubber Dunk comes in 3 colorways! Below we have the pics of the pairs for you! You can also find the kickz in our Release Calendar!

By the way: One pair will cost you about €180 - so if you tap all 3 pairs, you will lose (or win) €540! So start saving! But wait, the kickz will not be released as 'Spring 2020' as we thought at the beginning - but 'Summer 2020'! So there's not much time left for saving… but good luck! And stay tuned!

By the way, the exact release date of the Off-White x Nike pack you can find out here! Just click on the respective button below and you will get directly to the shoe!

The Off-White x Nike Rubber Dunk pack?!

The first time the kickz were spotted was at New York Fashion Week. Already there the pairs caused a lot of attention and above all the silhouette awakens memories! On the one hand they look like the skate shoes released in 2000 and on the other hand they resemble the Nike P-6000 silhouette - a hybrid so to speak!

After the successful and hyped Off-White x Nike SB Dunk drop, the next Off-White x Nike collab features the following colorways: The Nike Air Rubber Dunk 'University Gold', the Nike Air Rubber Dunk 'Black' and the Nike Air Rubber Dunk 'University Blue'.


The Rubber Dunk 'University Gold' comes with a golden upper and black outsole! Also the whole pack got an 'Air Bubble' and the upper 'protruding' black piece should be the 'lid' for the air bubble! The toe as well as the leather shadow elements are dyed in a bronze-like colorway. Scroll for sure to the end of this blog post to see on-fet pictures!


Now we come to the Rubber Dunk with the green strike colorway. The 'Air Rubber Dunk Green' stands out especially because of its neon green colorway! On the shoe you find the colors black, white and green aka. green strike. The sole, the border of the Swoosh, the panel border as well as the font on the laces are colored in 'green strike'! Wicked thing! You can find the on-feet pictures of the pairs at the end of the blog post!

The last pair of the Air Rubber Dunk pack comes in a 'University Blue colorway'! 'White university blue white' or whatever! We know this colorway is coming too! The colorway resembles the 'Air Jordan 1 Retro High - Off-White University Blue'! But there is not much to tell about this colorway. The kickz consist of sky blue, white and silver colors. The sole is similar to the old sneakers I had to buy for my gym class… but yes.

That's it from the UPDATE! If you are looking for more sneaker related content, then take a look at our Newsblog! Enjoy!