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The Nike Air Max 95 receives a SB variant in 2025

June 6, 2024 5:04 PM
The Nike Air Max 95 receives a SB variant in 2025

It looks like a new Nike SB release is waiting for us. After the Air Jordan 4 got a Nike SB variant in 2023, now the first rumors are circulating of a Nike SB Air Max 95. The news has not yet been confirmed by Nike.

Nike SB

The Nike Air Max 95 will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2025. The silhouette was designed by Sergio Lozano in 1995 after he was commissioned by Nike to design a new running shoe. The model is characterized by the dynamic overlays on the silhouette and the multiple Air units in the sole.

The anniversary of the Nike Air Max 95 seems to be celebrated with a very special crossover. Sneaker industry sources reportedly told Complex that Nike will re-release the Air Max 95 'Neon' with some SB modifications.

Nike Air Max 95

This is not the first time Nike SB has reshaped retro Nike models. In the 2000s, the Nike Dunk, then a basketball shoe, was used as inspiration for the Nike SB Dunk, and in 2023, the Air Jordan 4 'Pine Green' received a Nike SB makeover.

The Nike designs remained close to their predecessor but received some modifications that came in handy while skating. These include a larger tongue, a wider fit, and more cushioning around the ankle. It looks like the Air Max 95 will also get these tweaks. How exactly, is not yet clear.

While the Nike Air Max 95 may not be directly associated with the skate world, the silhouette is not entirely unknown to skaters. The sneaker-inspired the DC Legacy, a skate shoe created in 1998 for Danny Way and Colin McCay. Skateboarder Stevie Williams was also featured in the Air Max 95 in the 1990s.

Stevie Williams Air Max 95
Stevie Williams (1997) - Ryan Gee

Little is yet known about the Nike SB Air Max 95. Keep an eye on the Sneakerjagers news page for updates regarding this possible release.