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UPDATE | CLOT x Nike Air Max 1 2021 Releases!

July 29, 2020 10:18 AM
UPDATE | CLOT x Nike Air Max 1 2021 Releases!

[Update: July 27th, 2020] Oh guys what's going on this month - first the Fragment x Sacai x Nike and then the Fragment x Air Jordan 3 were teased and now a CLOT x Nike Air Max 1 Collabo is coming in 2021! Nike is escalating here completely and brings here one epic collabo after the another - that we are all looking forward to!

Back to the topic - the CLOT x Nike Collabo! It's not the first time that a CLOT x Nike takes place. CLOT x Nike is already world-famous - not like Off-White x Nike, but the CLOT Collabo has also reached a infamous status.

By the way: The Collabo will most likely not be released before Spring 2021. On the instagram channel 'Py_Rates' the first mock-ups were already uploaded. The post about the kickz can be found down below. Let's Go!

CLOT x Nike Kickz

There is already the CLOT x Nike Air Max 1 'Kiss of Death', (I also have some nice news for you about those Kickz later.) the CLOT x Nike Air Force 1 in various Colorways and the CLOT x Air Jordan 1 Mid. So as you can see there are already a handful of CLOT x Nike releases.

By the way: The CLOT x Nike Air Max 1 'Kiss of Death' is going to be restock in 2021! Even after 15 years Nike releases this pair again! Crazy! The hype is real! The roof is on fire!

Back to the 'CLOT x Nike Air Max 1' releases in 2021 - not the 'Kiss of Death' release but the new Colorways. Nike brings here two new Colorways as I already mentioned before. First we have the Rocky Tan/ Sport Red-Medium Brown AM1. It looks very similar to the 'Kiss of Death' - but the color blocking is different. The second kickz are grey and red or to be more precise 'Solar Red/ University Red-Cool Grey'. The two Nike Air Max 1s are going to release next year and the hype is big like every CLOT x Nike Collabo! Oh before I forget, the Kickz here have a 'normal' toe box again, because on the AM1 'Kiss of Death' the toe box was translucent.

That's it folks!

That's it for the 'Leak' - if we get a 'Release Date', we'll inform you ASAP! So until then stay tuned and have a look at our 'Sneaker News'! Let's Go! Adieu!