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Top 10 ASICS SportStyle silhouettes you need to know about

January 29, 2024 8:23 PM
Top 10 ASICS SportStyle silhouettes you need to know about

In the world of street style, a few brands have left a lasting impression. And ASICS is definitely one of them! With its SportStyle collection, which focuses on both comfort and design, ASICS has captured the hearts of many sneaker lovers around the world.

Are you looking for a stylish, comfortable shoe to complete your urban look? Then we have something for you! Indeed, below, we will discuss the top 10 ASICS SportStyle silhouettes you absolutely must know for the perfect street style look.

We will discuss each design in detail and inspire you with examples of different attractive colourways. So, let's dive together into the world of timeless style and unmatched quality that ASICS has to offer!


We start with the ASICS Gel-NYC, a trainer that takes its inspiration from both historical and modern running styles, with a focus on peak performance. For instance, the upper clearly reflects the design elements of the Gel-Nimbus 3, which originated in the early 2000s, and adds several details borrowed from the design of the MC-Plus V here.

In addition, the finishing of the shoe is inspired by the Gel-Cumulus 16 and contrasts with the retro influences of the upper. Thanks to a clever combination of lightweight foam and Gel technology inserts, advanced comfort is provided for your feet during wear.

2. ASICS Gel-1130

The next SportStyle trainer is the ASICS Gel-1130. Bridging decades of design evolution, this model pays homage to the ninth iteration of the Gel-1000 series. Originally inspired by the Gel-Kayano 14 with a similar aesthetic to the hero, this stable running shoe from 2008 is a true pioneer.

With this silhouette, traditional materials were refreshed with the addition of suede details, giving the shoe a modern look. Moreover, the comfort level of this heritage running shoe was adapted for everyday street use, thanks to the integration of Gel technology in the heel. This provides shock absorption throughout the day!

3. ASICS Japan S

The Japan S model embraces the vintage basketball look, adding iconic basketball-inspired details that reference the footwear worn by basketball players in the 1980s. With its lightweight design and custom-made sole, this shoe offers excellent comfort and durable cushioning.

This historic style pays homage to the retro basketball trainer aesthetic and features nostalgic ASICS branding, such as the signature tiger stripes on the sides and the ASICS logo on the heel.


The ASICS SportStyle EX89 brings a fusion of modern cushioning technologies and historical influences, with its roots in the 1989 Gel-Extreme basketball shoe. This trainer was originally designed by Toshikazu Kayano, which was created during his very first project for ASICS.

The upper features a layered leather construction and is embellished with vibrant colour blocking, reminiscent of the NBA's iconic team uniforms from the 1980s. In addition, the pattern on the outsole is meant to reflect the aerial view of a city. The inspiration for this comes from the designer's first business trip to the United States in 1987.

5. ASICS Gel-Kayano 14

Introduced in the late 2000s, the ASICS SportStyle Gel-Kayano 14 embodies the aesthetic of 'Retro Futurism'. It also reflects the duality between classic fashion trends and the influence of Japanese workwear. What makes this version special is that it is the first variant not designed by Toshikazu Kayano, the original creator of this iconic sneaker line.

This latest version features a lightweight and breathable mesh upper, allowing your feet to breathe. Moreover, the advanced Gel cushioning system and a Trusstic support unit provides an extremely comfortable running experience.

6. ASICS Gel-1090 V2

Originally from 2003, the ASICS Gel-1090 V2 has had a makeover with modern influences. This version is embellished with suede overlays and heel loops at the back to create a modern look.

For instance, fluid lines run along the midsole, reminiscent of the movement of a flapping checkered flag. Moreover, the heel is equipped with Gel technology to take comfort to the next level.

7. ASICS Gel-Lyte III

After 30 years, the Gel-Lyte III has been relaunched in its original shape and construction, as designed by Shigeyuki Mitsui in the early 1990s. Key design elements, including the original shape and signature split tongue, have been kept completely intact.

In addition, the upper flaunts overlays of high-quality nubuck leather, perforated leather underlays and retro accents. Furthermore, the Gel technology present in the heel ensures ultimate comfort with every step!

8. ASICS Gel-Lyte V

The ASICS SportStyle Gel-Lyte V takes its inspiration from technical running shoes and various influences from outdoor activities. The upper of this shoe features suede overlays, round laces and ballistic mesh details.

These subtle features are balanced by neutral colours reminiscent of the soothing hues of nature. In addition, the sole retains the signature wavy design, first introduced to the world of running shoes in 1993.

9. ASICS Gel-Quantum 360 VII

With the Gel-Quantum 360 VII cushioning technology, ASICS has taken another step forward. In collaboration with the ASICS Institue of Sport Science, in-depth research was carried out on new everyday applications of ASICS' most advanced running technologies.

For instance, the strategic placement of Gel technology ensures effective shock absorption under the foot. Moreover, the Scutoid shape allows you to move more naturally during everyday activities, such as travelling to and from work by walking or exploring new places.

10. ASICS Gel-Sonoma 180

The last ASICS SportStyle sneaker we discuss is the Gel-Sonoma 180, which combines ASICS' running origins with the advanced design of the Gel-Quantum series. It retains that rugged influence, but adapted to the needs of the urban runner.

As for the midsole, this shoe adopts the advanced tooling of the Gel-Quantum 180 VII trainer. In addition, the 3D geometry of the Scutoid Gel Technology promotes natural movement during everyday activities, such as walking to work or exploring new places.

This was our list of ASICS SportStyle silhouettes you absolutely must know. Which one is your favourite? If you would still like to check out the full range of the SportStyle collection, you can do so on the ASICS website!