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The ultimate vegan sneakers FAQ

April 15, 2023 9:51 AM
The ultimate vegan sneakers FAQ

More and more people are transitioning to a vegan lifestyle and the availability of vegan alternatives has greatly improved in recent years. Veganism is a lifestyle based on abstaining from animal products. In addition to food, veganism can also involve avoiding animal products, such as leather.

The demand for vegan sneakers has therefore also increased significantly. For many people, it is important that no animals have to suffer for their clothing or sneakers. In this article, we answer the most frequently asked questions about vegan sneakers.

The world of vegan sneakers has only just begun

There are more and more brands focusing on vegan production and searching for new ways to expand their range even further. Manufacturers are always looking for alternative raw materials and opportunities. More and more brands attach great importance to fair and sustainable production, and this reflects in the increasing number of vegan sneakers.

Because this often involves more effort and higher costs, some sustainable vegan models on the market are often slightly more expensive than non-vegan sneakers.

Quality has its price

If you want to consider your ecological footprint when buying shoes, you should therefore expect to dig a little deeper into your wallet. However, there are different types of vegan sneakers with different price ranges.

The subject of vegan sneakers is not so easy to grasp at first glance. There are a few points to consider when buying vegan sneakers. For a better overview, we have answered the most important questions about vegan sneakers here.

What sneakers do vegans wear?

Vegans mostly wear shoes that do not contain any animal-derived materials. Those who choose to follow a vegan diet and avoid animal-based products in their daily life limit their choices to synthetic or plant-based materials.

Often, you can't tell the difference just by looking at them. That's why vegans also wear sneakers that don't differ in appearance but exist of animal-friendly materials. Many vegans also value sustainable and eco-friendly production, which of course must be fundamentally distinguished from one another.

illustration Sneaker
When is a sneaker vegan?

Sneakers are vegan if they're made without the use of any animal-derived materials. Non-vegan materials include various types of leather, wool, or silk. Vegan materials are usually synthetically produced.

Commonly used materials include artificial leather, rubber, plastic, or cotton. Plant-based materials such as hemp, wood, and cork are also vegan. To be fully vegan, a shoe's sole, glue, and all other details must also be made without any animal-derived ingredients.

The term 'vegan' does not automatically mean that the sneaker is environmentally friendly or produced under fair labor conditions. While some brands take care to produce sneakers that are both sustainable and vegan and of high quality, this cannot be automatically assumed.

How do you know if sneaker are vegan?

The best way to know if sneakers are vegan is if they have a vegan certification. Some brands label their vegan products with the PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) logo, which ensures that no animal-derived materials are in the product.

To be sure that shoes are vegan, it's also useful to do your own research. For example, look at the material specifications of the shoe and consult information about the manufacturer. The likelihood of finding vegan options is usually higher with manufacturers who base their ethical standards on sustainability and animal rights.

Not all vegan shoes are labeled as such by the manufacturer, so it's important to inform yourself about the composition and production.

Which sneaker brands are vegan?

Most popular sneaker brands are not exclusively vegan. However, more and more brands offer vegan alternatives and regularly expand their range. Big brands like Nike, PUMA, adidas, and New Balance also offer vegan or mostly vegan products.

There are also brands that specialize in vegan sneakers. Many of these brands also focus on sustainable and fair production. For example, the French brand Veja, which produces shoes from organically grown materials such as recycled polyester, natural rubber, and organic cotton. The shoes with the distinctive V on the side have conquered the market in recent years and are now very popular, known for their environmentally and animal-friendly production.

Another brand where you can find vegan sneakers is Saucony. The American brand has some products in its range that exist of synthetic materials and are therefore vegan. On the Saucony website, you can always read which materials have been used in the product. Other relevant brands in the scene are Matt & Nat, Womsh, and Ethletic.

Are all Veja sneakers vegan?

No, not all models of the brand are vegan. Individual collections contain animal materials such as suede. However, many shoes in the range are made of organic cotton, recycled polyester, natural rubber, and other synthetic materials.

Veja focuses on vegan, sustainable footwear and is constantly working on techniques to improve and expand the vegan range. We have a wide selection of different Veja models and can tell you where to buy them. To be sure that the shoe is vegan, always check the product description.

Veja Schuhe vegan
Veja Sneaker
Are there Reebok vegan sneakers?

Yes, Reebok offers several vegan sneakers. The Classic Leather Vegan is the most popular vegan model of the brand. But the Club C Revenge Vegan and Nano 9 Vegan are also popular among people who prioritize animal welfare when choosing their shoes.

The shoes are made of synthetic materials. According to Reebok, they have the same quality and performance as the non-vegan versions. At Reebok, you can easily recognize the vegan versions because they have the word "vegan" in their name.

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Which Nike sneaker is vegan?

Nike also follows the trend and offers various vegan options. The Nike Flyknit collection uses a special sewing technique that produces less waste than conventional methods. Many models in the collection are vegan and more sustainable thanks to the production process.

There are many more shoe models in the range that do not contain animal products. Nike also switched to using animal-free glue in 2018. Some vegan models of the brand include: Nike Air Max 270 React ENG, Nike Air Max 2090, Nike Air Max 90 LTR, Nike Air Max 95 Essential, Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit. However, the product description should always be consulted to determine if the shoe is truly vegan.

Are Air Force 1 sneakers vegan?

No, not all Air Force models are vegan. For example, the classic Air Force 1 is made of at least 50% real leather. However, Nike has significantly expanded its range, and there are some Air Force 1 silhouettes made from vegan materials.

The Nike Air Force 1 Shadow excists of synthetic leather and textile and is available in many colorways. The Nike Air Force 1 React is made of synthetic materials and is also available in different colorways. As mentioned, a vegan material composition does not automatically mean that the shoes are also produced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner, and checking all the ingredients used is essential to be sure.

Are the sneakers from the Billie Eilish and Nike collection vegan?

Yes, Billie Eilish has released several sneakers in collaboration with Nike, all made from cruelty-free materials. This applies to the Nike Air Jordan 1 KO, Air Force 1 High, and Nike Air Jordan 15. For the Air Force 1 Low, the singer, who herself is vegan, stated that she preferred ecological materials. Additionally, the sneaker is made of 18% recycled material.

The topic of vegan sneakers is extensive, and there is a lot to consider. In general, if you want to be 100% sure, you should always check the materials yourself. Also, keep in mind that vegan sneakers are not the same as sustainable sneakers.

In any case, vegan sneakers are something that anyone can wear. At first glance, it's usually not apparent which models are vegan, and there is a wide range of models and colors. It can be assumed that the selection will continue to grow in the coming years.