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The Ultimate Dr. Martens FAQ

March 9, 2023 3:57 PM
The Ultimate Dr. Martens FAQ

We all know and love Dr Martens or 'Doc Martens' boots. Many sneakerheads are already fans of the iconic brand, which once started as workwear. We answer the most frequently asked questions about Dr. Martens boots.

The History of Dr. Martens

Let's start by looking back: The story of Dr Martens begins in 1945, when Dr Klaus Märtens, a German doctor, suffered a skiing accident that left him with a serious foot injury. At the time, Märtens was serving in the Wehrmacht and had to step into super-uncomfortable military boots despite the injury.

After World War II, Märtens wanted to design new and, above all, comfortable boots. Together with his business partner Herbert Funck, he recycled rubber from the Luftwaffe, which was then, in 1947, obsolete. The sole made the boots more comfortable than conventional work boots. So the first boots were made almost entirely from army leftovers.

In the following years, the company expanded into the UK and the boots soon became a fixture in the working class.

Today, the Dr Martens brand has firmly established itself in the fashion world and we expect the boots to be worn again in 2023.


The Ultimate Dr. Martens FAQ

How do Dr. Martens fall?

Dr. Martens are true to size, so if you wear a size 39, you should buy a size 39. The boots generally have a slightly wider fit than Dr Martens loafers.

Which Dr. Martens are the best?

According to Dr Martens, the Doc 1460 with smooth leather is the brand's most popular boot. In second place is the Doc Jadon platform boot, which is super popular in 2022 and 2023. The Doc Martens Sinclair is also high on the list. Also very popular are Dr Martens' Chelsea boots, specifically the 2976 smooth leather Chelsea boot.

How do the Dr. Martens 1460 fit?

The Doc Martens 1460 falls well to size. The boot can be a bit wide for narrow feet, but this can easily be compensated with a thicker sock or insole. If you wear size 39, for example, then you should also buy size 39.

How do the Dr. Martens Sinclair fall?

The Dr Martens Sinclair is supposed to come out bigger than other Dr Martens. So if you wear size 39, for example, you should choose size 38.

How do you wear Dr. Martens?

Dr Martens need to be broken in properly before they can be worn. Many Doc fans talk about how the run-in phase can be very painful. Therefore, blister plasters, tape and heel protectors are advised to be applied to the areas where there is the most friction and pressure. Common places for painful blisters are especially the heel, outer ankle and on the ankles of the toes.

Where are Dr. Martens made?

Dr Martens Boots are produced in China, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Cambodia and the UK. Most of the leather used for the Docs comes from South America. The rest of the materials also come from China, Thailand, Vietnam, India and Cambodia.

Where can I buy Dr. Martens?

You can actually find Dr Martens in any sneaker or shoe shop. Doc Martens boots are super popular, so many shops offer the boot. For a list of places you can buy the shoes, check our sneaker search engine.

That's it for our Dr Martens FAQ. Do you still have questions about Doc's different models? Feel free to ask us directly via Instagram!

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