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The ultimate adidas Rivalry Faq

April 10, 2023 10:36 AM
The ultimate adidas Rivalry Faq

The adidas Rivalry has been a classic among sneaker enthusiasts for years. The sneaker was introduced in the 1980s on the basketball court and has a retro look. The Rivalry Low and High models are still beloved by many. Here are the most frequently asked questions about the Rivalry model.

The history of the adidas Rivalry


The Rivalry silhouette was released in 1986 in a High and Low version. The model was specifically designed for the sport of basketball. At that time, adidas was already a well-known brand on the basketball court. Silhouettes like the Superstar, Top Ten, Campus, and adidas Forum were widely praised by basketball players.

adidas Rivalry Patrick Ewing
Beeld: theathleticgenius

Shortly after the release of the adidas Forum in 1984, adidas introduced the Rivalry silhouette. In collaboration with basketball player Patrick Ewing, adidas came up with the 'Ewing' collection. Ewing played for the New York Knicks at the time, one of the greatest NBA franchises of all time, and is one of the '50 Greatest Players in NBA History'. In 1986, Ewing was named 'NBA Rookie of the Year', which was celebrated with his own collection at adidas.

The collection came with three sneakers: the adidas Conductor, adidas Rivalry High, and Low top. The adidas Conductor was a beloved model by Ewing himself. The Rivalry High silhouette initially looked very similar to the Conductor model but was more affordable for young basketball fans.

New York Knicks

The first Rivalry High and Low variants were released in a New York Knicks inspired colorway. The basketball team, based in New York, was founded in 1946 and quickly became one of the world's most famous teams. In addition to Patrick Ewing, names like Willis Reed and Walter "Clyde" Frazier, known for the PUMA Suede, played for the Knicks.

Patrick Ewing
Beeld: NBA

The Rivalry silhouette was introduced in the colors of the Knicks uniform; blue, orange, and white. The upper was mainly white, and the overlays on the toe, collar, and heel were orange and blue. The upper was made of leather. The well-known adidas Trefoil logo was placed on the tongue and heel.

adidas Rivalry High
adidas Rivalry Low

Now, some 37 years later, the Rivalry model is still a well-known sneaker. The silhouette's clean look and retro feel make it easy to combine with various outfits, and it remains a popular model off the basketball court as well.

De ultieme adidas Rivalry FAQ

When was the adidas Rivalry released?

The adidas Rivalry was first released in 1986. The model was introduced in collaboration with basketball player Patrick Ewing and came in a High and Low variant.

Who designed the adidas Rivalry?

The adidas Rivalry was designed by Jacques Chassaing. Chassaing designed various Adidas silhouettes, including the Adidas Forum, ZX series, and EQT line.

Who wore the adidas Rivalry in the NBA?

The adidas Rivalry was mainly worn by basketball player Patrick Ewing. The sneaker first appeared in a New York Knicks colorway, the team Ewing played for during the release.

How does the adidas Rivalry fit?

The Rivalry High and Low models fit true to size. We therefore recommend that you buy your usual size if you are interested in purchasing the sneaker.

Where can I buy the adidas Rivalry?

You can buy the adidas Rivalry at adidas and various sneaker retailers. You can easily find all colorways, sneaker retailers, and available sizes through our sneaker search engine! Additionally, you can easily stay up to date on all upcoming Rivalry High en Low releases!

How do you lace the adidas Rivalry?

The Rivalry can be laced in different ways. We recommend lacing the Rivalry up to the second to last eyelet, to show the adidas logo on the tongue. The Rivalry comes in a High and Low top. Both models can be laced in various ways. Cross the laces and make an 'X'. Tie the sneaker with a standard knot, also known as a bow.

What was Patrick Ewing's role in the release of the adidas Rivalry?

The adidas Rivalry was introduced in collaboration with basketball player Patrick Ewing. In 1986, adidas launched the 'Ewing' collection, consisting of the adidas Conductor and the Rivalry High and Low. The Rivalry was introduced in the colors of the New York Knicks basketball team.

When was the Swarovski x adidas Rivalry Lo released?

The Swarovski x adidas Rivalry Lo in the colorway 'Cloud White/Blue/Orange' was released on September 24, 2020. The sneaker featured the well-known Knicks colorway and came with Swarovski crystals on the tongue, heel, and mid-panel.

What colorways are available for the adidas Rivalry?

Since its release in 1986, the Rivalry has been available in various colorways. The well-known 'Crystal White/Blue/Orange' colorway is available at various retailers. In addition, the 'All White' is a well-known colorway, as well as the 'Core White/Off White/Team Power Red' colorway. Check out the different colorways in the Sneakerjagers search engine.

We hope to have answered the most frequently asked questions about the adidas Rivalry. Check out the various Rivalry Low and High colorways in the Sneakerjagers search engine and score your next sneaker. Keep an eye on our release calendar for the latest Rivalry releases.