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The ultimate adidas Campus FAQ

June 28, 2023 7:42 AM
The ultimate adidas Campus FAQ

Dear community, today we take a look into the archives of adidas and deal with a silhouette that not everyone has directly on their radar: The adidas Campus. I'm sure many of you are familiar with the kick, but the details and some interesting facts might still be unclear. Let's change that today - welcome to the ultimate adidas Campus FAQ!

The history of the adidas Campus

The history of the adidas Campus goes back to 1970, when it was launched as a basketball shoe for professional athletes. At the beginning, the silhouette was still called 'Tournament'. It was not until the 1980s that the sneaker was renamed 'Campus'.

via adidas

After its start as sports shoes, it quickly conquered the skateboarding and hip-hop world in the 1980s, but then also quickly became part of the street style scene and celebrated great popularity.

However, it first became famous through hip-hop. The Beastie Boys, three rappers from New York, put the sneaker on the cover of their album and everyone knew it. Nevertheless, the sneaker was underestimated for years - that can be said then as well as now.

The design

The silhouette is reminiscent of the sneaker's roots and shows the basketball-inspired sportiness. Comfort is also a priority here - because of its sports history, the adidas Campus has very good cushioning.

Mostly, the different models come with high-quality suede uppers, the side 3-Stripes and the adidas logo. Nowadays, the Kick is popular due to its 'vintage style' and in 2023 you can buy many colorways of this Daily Beater.


The ultimate adidas Campus FAQ

Let's take a look at your most frequently asked questions about the adidas Campus.

What is the sizing of the adidas Campus 80s? How does the adidas Campus fit?

The adidas Campus runs true to size or slightly smaller. Therefore, we would recommend that you either get the adidas Campus in your size or buy half a size bigger.

Are adidas Campus comfortable?

Yes, the adidas Campus is very comfortable due to its high-quality materials and careful craftsmanship. The adidas Campus also always comes with a padded insole for extra comfort.

Are adidas Campus good skate shoes?

Yes, the adidas Campus is a good skate shoe. This is because the toebox has been reinforced, the sneaker is generally made with high-quality materials and has a high-quality finish.

Does the adidas Campus run true to size?

The adidas Campus runs true to size or slightly smaller. Therefore, we would recommend that you either get the adidas Campus in your size or buy half a size smaller.

How to clean adidas Campus sneakers?

The upper of the adidas Campus is made of suede, so you should treat the sneaker with special care products. For example, you can waterproof the adidas Campus and clean it with a cleaning brush and a mild detergent. take a look at our sneaker news for tips regarding sneaker cleaning and different materials!

Are adidas Campus unisex?

Yes, there are models of the adidas Campus that are unisex and therefore availabe in a huge size run. Use our sneaker search engine to find many models and different colorways of the adidas Campus and see which ones are unisex, where the kick is available and how much it costs.

That's it for our ultimate adidas Campus FAQ. You can find a huge selection of adidas Campus here in our sneaker collection. There we show you all retailers, prices, sizes and more information at a glance, so you can find the best fit for you!

If you want to know more about the adidas Campus or other special sneaker models, take a look into our sneaker news!