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The Top 5 Air Jordan 1 High Models Under €300

March 15, 2021 4:00 PM
The Top 5 Air Jordan 1 High Models Under €300

We have a really cool selection for all fans of the Jordan 1 silhouette. We present you the top 5 Air Jordan 1 High models under €300. As you probably know, the High models are almost always sold out on the day of release. This means that you have to buy the shoes on the secondary market. In the meantime, however, there are reputable platforms like StockX and Klekt that handle the purchase for you.

These resell platforms check the shoe for originality beforehand and then send it on to you. Like a kind of middleman, they then manage the money you have paid and charge a small fee for this service. This way, you can be sure that the shoe will arrive unworn and authentic.

Air Jordan 1 High Models Under €300

Let's go! We start with the first Jordan 1 model that you can currently buy for under €300. A small note at this point: The prices can vary greatly depending on the size. We only choose shoes that are under €300 in most sizes.

First of all, we have picked out the Air Jordan 1 High Retro 'Midnight Navy' for you. The shoe was released in 2020 and has a simple, stylish look. The colourway was previously released in 2001 as a Japan exclusive and was actually supposed to be part of the line-up for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

You can still get the shoe for under €300 in the popular sizes from US7-US14. For women: Take a look at the GS Sizes.

Jordan 1 High Modelle unter 300€

'Light Smoke Grey'

Secondly, we've picked out the beautiful Air Jordan 1 High Retro OG' Light Smoke Grey' for you. You could easily be over €300 if you get the wrong sizes. Often popular colourways like the 'Smoke Grey' go up over time, which is why the price can fluctuate quite a bit. Take a look at the sneaker for yourself.

Jordan 1 High Modelle unter 300€

Air Jordan 1 WMNS High OG 'Silver Toe'

We continue with a recently released shoe. The Jordan 1 WMNS High OG 'Silver Toe' was released in February 2021 and is currently priced at €200-250 depending on the size. The shoe is very well made and can be worn with special outfits thanks to the beautiful combination of silver, black and white.

Jordan 1 Retro High 'Volt'

The penultimate Jordan was also released at the beginning of the year in January 2021. The somewhat special neon look on the tongue did not go down so well with all fans of the Jordan Brand. However, the midsole of this shoe has a really nice vintage design.

You can actually get the Jordan in any size for well under €300. See for yourself.

Jordan 1 Volt

J1 OG WMNS 'Lucky Green'

We've saved the best until last! Of course this is just an opinion, but the Jordan 1 Retro High 'Lucky Green' is one of our most underrated Jordan 1 High models. The 'Lucky Green' has the OG colour blocking of the Chicago J1 and is super clean in white and green with black/red details like the Swoosh or the Jordan logo.

Great to combine and much easier to wear than more colourful Jordan colorways. Somewhat eye-catching, the shoe can add a certain something to many outfits. The price of these kicks has risen a bit in recent months, but they are still a bit undervalued at the moment. You can get them for under €300, even with the threat of rising prices.

Jordan 1 Retro High Lucky Green

What do you think of our picks? Are you going to treat yourself to a new pair?