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The story behind the Patta x Outsiderwear project

November 6, 2021 2:00 PM
The story behind the Patta x Outsiderwear project

Patta and Outsiderwear have collaborated on two t-shirts. These t-shirts represent two special artists.

Outsiderwear is a Dutch initiative. This organisation ensures that 'outsider' artists can work together with great fashion designers, streetwear brands and other artists. The artists in Outsiderwear have a mental or physical disability, a psychological condition or a background where homelessness played a role.

Outsiderwear connects the 'insiders' and the 'outsiders' through collaborations and other activities. For this collaboration, Patta was able to use the artwork of two artists, Desmond Tjon A Koy and Regilio Benjamin.

Desmond's artwork is inspired by MC Eiht who was born and raised in Compton. The rapper starred in the 1993 drama film 'Menace II Society' and can be seen all over the shirt. Desmond drew the original work with a pen.

On the t-shirt with the artwork of Regilio, the artwork is only on the back. On the front is the Patta logo. The artwork of Regilio is inspired by the music of Bob Marley. He has written his own name over the illustration.

The Patta x Outsiderwear collection was released on Friday, November 5 in all Patta shops, and at the online website Patta.